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GEP For Primary Six Students

Over the years, we are happy to see a good majority of our P6 GEP students being admitted to their choice schools through the Direct School Admission (DSA). As part of the school’s Education Career Guidance (ECG) programme to equip our students with the necessary skills to chart and reflect on their learning, and to present their ideas with clarity and conviction, we organise workshop sessions on the following skills for our P6 GEP students after school hours:


Students learn to document and reflect on their learning in Rosyth during the process of building a comprehensive portfolio. In the workshop, they learn to introduce themselves in writing, write a personal statement and list their achievements and experiences. They also learn how to organise their certificates of achievements, testimonials, school report book result slips and progress reports in a portfolio file to present their holistic growth and achievements.

INTERVIEW preparation

Interview preparation skills are important in many stages of the students’ lives. In the workshop, students learn to hone their confidence, communication and thinking skills during an interview such as group or individual interview settings. They will be taught the skills to speak clearly and concisely, and to think on the feet to respond to common interview questions that they could be asked at DSA or scholarship interviews.

learning Journeys

There are a number of learning journeys organised for the P6 GEP students as part of the school drive to hone the 21st Century Competencies of our students. Some of the learning journeys include:
- Visits to the various government agencies
- Zoo Camp
- Workshops at the Science Centre Singapore