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Physical Education & Co-Curricular Activities

PE & CCA Department

- Mr Ahmad Zohri Bin Bakri

Subject Head (PE/CCA)
- Mr Mohd Roshan

Senior Teacher
- Mr Mohd Zailani


    A School of Active and Physically Competent Individuals

    Desired Outcomes


    The purpose of physical education is to enable students to demonstrate individually and with others the physical skills, practices, and values to enjoy a lifetime of active, healthy living.

    The physical education programme develops students who:

    • Learning How to Move Well
      • have a range of skills through participation in regular and varied physical education experiences.
        • These skills enable students to enjoy movement, discover interests, and achieve personal goals related to participation in physical activity.
      • possess competency in movement.
        • This provides the foundation for continual skill acquisition and facilitates future successful participation in physical activity resulting from changing life patterns.
    • Learning through Movement
      • have sufficient knowledge related to movement experiences.
        • An understanding about how to move allows students to make informed decisions in relation to work and recreation. This includes movement concepts, principles and theories, game rules, tactics and strategies, health- and fitness-related benefits, and environmental risks and personal safety concerns.
      • have extensive knowledge base about movement across a wide variety of settings, within and outside of school, to help generalise and transfer learning to new and challenging real-life physical activity.
        • More importantly, students develop the ability to transfer knowledge to additional skills while continuing to refine existing ones as self-directed and independent learners.
    • Learning about Movement
      • take deliberate actions to be involved in safe physical activities that help to develop health-related physical fitness: muscular strength and endurance, aerobic capacity, flexibility, agility, and body composition.
        • Students plan, monitor, and assess their physical fitness status and activity patterns using established fitness assessment tools, and compare the results to age- and gender-specific standards that contribute towards good health.
      • enjoy and value the benefits of daily physical activities.
        • Students who value active living while young are more likely as adults to continue this practice and advocate an active and balanced lifestyle.

    Signature Programmes


    A. Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

    Objectives of Programme:

    • Provide pupils with broad exposure and experiences through fun and varied activities in two broad areas:
      • - Sports & Games and Outdoor Education, and
      • - Performing Arts (Music and Dance) and Visual Arts
    • Facilitate holistic development of pupils in the five domains, that is, moral, cognitive, physical, social and aesthetics
    • Provide varied avenues for pupils to develop social and emotional competencies

    All P1 and P2 students

    PAL modules must engage pupils through their heads, hearts and hands. They are designed with the five characteristics in mind:

    1. Experiential in Nature
    2. Encompasses Learning in a Creative Way
    3. Provide Opportunities for Students to Create
    4. Incorporates Values Education and Social Emtional Learning
    5. Fun and Enjoyable

    B. CCA Programme

    Sports & Games Performing Arts Clubs & Societies Uniformed Groups
    Athletics Brass Band Art Club Brownies
    Badminton Chinese Orchestra Chess Club Scouts
    Basketball Choir Chinese Ambassadors’ Club  
    Football Chinese Dance Debate Club  
    Tennis Indian Dance E2K  
      Malay Dance Infocomm Club  
        Manga Art  
        Robotics Club  
        Green Innovators Club  

    * Please click here to view the practice days, venue and teachers-in-charge.

    C. Play@Recess


    Objectives of Programme:

    • To promote school wide participation in physical activity during break time.
    • To bring about parent and child bonding through physical activities.

    All students P1-P6
    Parent Volunteers

    Sports and fitness activity stations are set up at the parade square during recess on specified days of the week. Parent volunteers are deployed to conduct physical activities and games with the students.

    D. N1 Cluster Sports Carnival


    Objectives of Programme:

    • To promote mass participation of sports among N1 Cluster primary schools.
    • To provide non-National School Games (NSG) players an opportunity to represent their schools.
    • To provide a platform to display Olympic values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect.

    P4 and P5 students (N1 Cluster Primary Schools)

    Students who have not represented the school will be selected to play in this carnival. They are given the chance to represent their school in these two games:

    1. Basketball
    2. Football

    House System


    The pupils will be trained for House competitions during PE lessons.

    1. Phillips
    2. Kovan
    3. Richards
    4. Jansen
    5. Glasgow

    PE Programme / Events


    • Primary 4 Camp
    • Modified Games Competition (Primary 4 to Primary 6)
    • Lower Primary Sports (Primary 1 - Primary 3)
    • NAPFA Test (Primary 4 and Primary 6)
    • Interclass Competition (Primary 4 to Primary 6)
    • Post Exam Activities (Primary 4 to Primary 6)
    • Swimsafer Programme (Primary 2 and Primary 3)
    • Overseas Learning Journey (Surabaya)
    • Fitness for Food (Primary 1 to Primary 6)
    • North Zone Sports Carnival