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Mother Tongue Languages

Mother Tongue Department

HOD (Mother Tongue)
- Ms Tan Chia Chih

Level Head (Chinese)
- Miss Chan Xiao Shan  

Level Head (Chinese)
- Mr Thomas Ang  

Subject Coordinator (Malay)
- Mdm Sharifah Amirah

Subject Coordinator (Tamil)
- Mdm Saira Begum Abdul Jabbar  


Active Learners, Proficient Users


Developing self-motivated learners with a passion in learning Mother Tongue Languages.

Desired Outcomes


  • All our pupils are able to communicate effectively using the Mother Tongue Language in real-life contexts in various forms – inter-personal communication, listening and reading for comprehension, and presenting in spoken and written forms.
  • All our pupils are able to understand and develop their unique identity through deeper appreciation of culture, traditions, literature and history.

Signature Programmes


1) Reading Programmes (P1 - P6)

  • Objectives of the programme:
  • To provide pupils with access to books of different genres
  • To inculcate in pupils the love for reading Mother Tongue books

2) Mother Tongue Fortnights (P1-P6)

  • Objectives of the programme:
  • To create an immersive environment for the learning of Mother Tongue Language
  • To provide platforms for pupils to learn Mother Tongue Language and the associated culture

3) Language and Cultural Camps (P4)

  • Objectives of the programme:
  • To provide an immersive environment for pupils to learn and use Mother Tongue Language
  • To appreciate the respective Mother Tongue Language cultures through hands-on tasks

Web Resources


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