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Mother Tongue Languages

Mother Tongue Department

HOD (Mother Tongue)
- Ms Tan Chia Chih

Level Head (Chinese)
- Miss Chan Xiao Shan  

Subject Coordinator (Malay)
- Mdm Sharifah Amirah

Subject Coordinator (Tamil)
- Mdm Saira Begum Abdul Jabbar  


Active Learners, Proficient Users


Developing self-motivated learners with a passion in learning Mother Tongue Languages.

Desired Outcomes


  • All our pupils are able to communicate effectively using the Mother Tongue Language in real-life contexts in various forms – inter-personal communication, listening and reading for comprehension, and presenting in spoken and written forms.
  • All our pupils are able to understand and develop their unique identity through deeper appreciation of culture, traditions, literature and history.

Signature Programmes


1) Reading Programmes (P1 - P6)

  • Objectives of the programme:
  • To provide pupils with access to books of different genres
  • To inculcate in pupils the love for reading Mother Tongue books

2) Mother Tongue Fortnights (P1-P6)

  • Objectives of the programme:
  • To create an immersive environment for the learning of Mother Tongue Language
  • To provide platforms for pupils to learn Mother Tongue Language and the associated culture

3) Language and Cultural Camps (P4)

  • Objectives of the programme:
  • To provide an immersive environment for pupils to learn and use Mother Tongue Language
  • To appreciate the respective Mother Tongue Language cultures through hands-on tasks

Web Resources


Website Brief Description
Malay Language
TINTA A flash-based website hosting Malay Language digital resources
E-cekap A flash-based website hosting Malay Language digital resources (for P1 & P2 pupils)
Tamil Language
Sangamam A flash-based website with Tamil Language digital resources
Chinese Language
Digital Instructional Resources (DIR) for the new CL Curriculum
A website for parents and students to access the digital instructional resources used in the teaching and learning of CL in school. Except for the section containing pictures, videos and animations, resources corresponding to the various parts of the textbook are available for access.
Oracy eLand
Chinese Langauge Word Games
Recommended CL Supplementary Readers
A shortlist of books was first drawn up by established publishers and teachers who have been active in promoting student reading programmes in school. The selected books were then sent to the Curriculum Planning and Development Division and Singapore Chinese Supplementary Readers’ Council for approval and official recommendation.
SchoolBag The Education News Site
MOE online website that contains information and resources for parents to support their children’s learning in schools.
Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning
A website that contains information about the various events and programmes organized by the community to support children in the learning of Chinese Language outside schools.
Chinese Story-telling Sessions
This link provides details about the Chinese story-telling sessions held in the national libraries.