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Aesthetics Department

HOD (Aesthetics)
- Mdm Hanifa


Nurture Talents in Every Child.

Programme for Aesthetics Integration @ Rosyth (PAIR)

A structured and integrated programme to develop all pupils (P1 to P6) in the aesthetics such that every pupil leaving Rosyth will be:

  • aesthetically cultured
  • equipped with at least 2 forms of performing and visual arts skills

Centre of Excellence for the Aesthetics

As a N1 Cluster Centre of Excellence for the Aesthetics the school aims to:

  • Share our best practices amongst North Zone schools and at national and international levels
  • Develop pupils to be aesthetically sensitive, appreciating both performing and visual arts and are aware of developments of different cultures and countries
  • To be recognized as a feeder for Secondary Schools with Performing Arts as their niches as well as the National's Arts industry e.g. Singapore Youth Orchestra, and the Arts School.


  • Structured and Extensive Approach to develop our pupils holistically
  • Integration which adds value to the school's Aesthetics and Humanities programmes
  • A wide spectrum of performing and visual arts CCAs

Aesthetics Programmes

  • P1 - P3 Integrated Curriculum (Art and Music integrated with English)
  • P4 - P6 Curriculum ( Modular system for music and art)

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