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CCE Department

CCE Department

Year Head (Primary 1 - 2)
- Mrs May Soh 

HOD (Student Management)
- Mr Justyn Lim Lai Fu  

- Mdm See Chui Geok 

Subject Head (Student Development)
- Mdm Nur Azianah 

Subject Head (CCE & VIA)
- Mdm Lim Yiling, Eileen


Every Rosythian, An Active Global Citizen of Character

1) To deliver values-based programmes for development of 21st Century Competencies.
2) Instilling the spirit of Active Citizenry in our students.

CCE Desired Outcomes

Desired Outcomes


Every Rosythian leader, an active contributor, confident communicator, creative thinker, critical problem solver and concerned citizen grounded on our ICARE Values:

  • Integrity
  • Care
  • grAtitude
  • Respect & Resilience
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Our CCE Units

Signature Programmes


Pastoral Care


  • to enhance the development of our students in social emotional competencies in the following areas:
    • Self-Confidence;
    • Self-leadership; and
    • Decision-making and goal-setting skills
  • to motivate low achieving students in their learning


  • Regulate and control emotions
  • Perform pro-social behavior
  • Assertive Communication
  • Coping with conflicts/ difficult situations
  • Perspective Taking
  • Problem Solving

Values Moments

  • Every Tuesdays and Thursdays (10 mins before morning assembly)
  • To address school's concerns like timeliness, cleanliness and bite-size factors, which are important considerations when we talk about a whole-school approach.
  • To sustain efforts for the inculcation of values.

National Education & Social Studies

Current Affairs @ Rosyth School 

The impact of globalisation and technological innovation has shaped the landscape of the 21st century world to become highly competitive. In order for Singapore to continue thriving, its citizens must grow to become more proactive in partnering the government in developing solutions to problems.   

To nurture active citizenship, upper primary students are encouraged to select a piece of current affairs news, before using the iMovie application to create a short video, also known as 60 Seconds of News, to share with the rest of the school. This process allows students to gain knowledge of global and local issues, while honing their ability to process information and communicate it, effectively.   

Following which, students can write into our very own Rosyth Forum to air their opinions. Outstanding submissions would be further refined by student editors and they would be submitted to platforms such as, the Straits Times Forum, TODAY’s Voices and Straits Times’ Voices of Youth. 

Through the C@RS Programme, Rosyth School hopes to nurture our young to become global citizens who are informed and involved in current affairs.

Students writing news scripts

Students filming the news segment

            Students writing their news scripts                                 Students filming the news segment

 A student conceptualising his forum letter to give his writing a unique angle

                         A student conceptualising his forum letter to give his writing a unique angle

The Rosyth Forum where students can write into to air their views on current affairs

                    The Rosyth Forum where students can write into to air their views on current affairs

Newspaper Forum Publications by Rosythians 

Straits Times Forum

  1. Preserve culture by letting it evolve
  2. Road names key to remembering Singapore's past
  3. Not enough to just say 'nay'
  4. Educating youth on ills of sugar more effective than imposing tax

TODAY's Voices

Straits Times' Voices of Youth


In accordance to Rosyth School’s mission of maximising potential through the development of Mind, Body and Soul, the school’s Discipline Committee aims to create a safe and conducive environment so that learning can be maximised. It is therefore important that all students formed positive behaviours, and respectful and caring relationships in school to uphold the highest standard of the school’s I-CARE values. This is the key purpose and function of Discipline in Rosyth School.

Student leadership Development

Leaders of Tomorrow

  • develop leadership qualities through a comprehensive leadership programme
  • provide platforms for students to display leadership qualities
  • cultivate 21st CC skills and I-CARE values


Bishan Park Science-VIA Learning Journey

  • To understand the perspective of our leaders to make the City in a Garden
  • To investigate the cause and effect of man’s activities
  • To leverage on technology to get instant information to increase their knowledge
  • To remove the litters around the place as this might be the cause of the animals to die

Talent Development

Dare.Dream.Discover (D3)

  • To manage student talents in the identified domains of talent
  • To discover latent student talents in the identified domains of talent
  • To ensure a systematic and pragmatic approach to discovering student talent throughout the students’ school years
  • To cultivate 21st CC skills and values in students through their involvement in the innovation and entrepreneurial programmes and promote social entrepreneurship by service to the community


1) PiSP (Parents in School Programme)

  • to increase the level of parental involvement in the school curriculum as well as key programmes, so as to enhance the development of social emotional skills and process of values inculcation in our students.

2) Parent Support Group (PSG) Weekend Enrichment Classes @ Rosyth

  • To provide enrichment classes to complement regular school curriculum for those who are interested.
  • To increases student motivation and fostering the students’ social skills, learning strategies and self-confidence.
  • To provide safe venues for enrichment classes and provide them at a more affordable rate.
  • To further strengthen the partnership between the school and PSG.

CCE - Student Development



BPA – Student all round development
BPA - Partnership