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Administrative Matters

1. Leave of Absence


The Leave of Absence (LOA) scheme was implemented in 1999 to enable students accompanying their parents on overseas postings to maintain links with Singapore and their schools through allowing them to retain their existing school places. LOA fees are charged to defray the schools’ administrative costs of keeping in touch with these students. The LOA fee of $156 is computed based on the miscellaneous fee:    
Monthly Miscellaneous fee $13 = Standard fee  $6.50 + 2nd tier $6.50 
Annual LOA Fee  = $13 x 12 months = $156   

LOA fee is non-refundable.

Procedures for Application for LOA   

First Time Applicant needs to do the following: ·        
  • Inform the school’s Admin Manager by phone at 6481 2273 or email rosyth_sch@moe.edu.sg               
  • Complete the  Application Form  
  • Submit the completed application form and supporting documents to the General Office by hand or through post        
  • Payment should be made in SGD by cash or cheque at the General Office. If the application is sent through post, payment is only by cheque. Cheque should be made payable to Rosyth School      

Renewal of LOA              

  • Submit the renewal  Application Form together with the required payment to the school before 30 November each year.     

Confirmation of LOA               

  • The official receipt and the approved copy of the application form will be mailed to the local address specified by an applicant.              
  • Parents are required to update the school for any change of contact address (local or overseas).

Termination of LOA    

Please note that LOA status will lapse for children whose parents do not pay the annual fees and submit the application form by 30 November of the current year. The child’s place in the school will be released to other children on the wait list.   

School Immersion for Children on LOA   

Please write to us for placement of your child in the school for immersion at least one month in advance.

2. Financial Assistance   


The Ministry of Education provides financial assistance to needy Singapore Citizen students in Government, Government-aided schools and Institute of Higher Learning so that all Singaporeans, regardless of their financial background, can benefit from the best opportunities in education.  

A student is eligible for MOE FAS if he or she meets either of the following criteria: Gross Household Income (GHI) not exceeding $2,750 per month; or Per Capita Income (PCI) not exceeding $690 per month 

You may find out more information from the MOE website .  

How to Apply  

Application forms are available from the school.  Please return the completed form together with the required supporting documents to the school and our staff will get back to you.

3. Booklist   


Book list for 2021 (Please click to download)
 Primary 1
 Primary 2
 Primary 3
 Primary 4 MS
 Primary 5 MS
 Primary 6 MS

4. Safety of Our Children    


Think Safe, Play Safe, Stay Safe   

Safety of our children is the school’s top priority. We seek parents’ support as we work together to make the school’s environment a safe place for our children.  


Below is a diagram of the school’s campus at Serangoon North Ave 4.



1.1        Traffic flow outside school  

a.        Gate 2 is the ONLY entrance for vehicles into the school.  Gates 4 and 5 are only for vehicular exits.   During non-peak periods, vehicles can use Gate 5 which is fitted with an automated mechanised gate system to exit the school. Please approach the gate to activate the sensor.   

b.         Gates 1 and 7 are accessible to pedestrians only.  Thus, students are required to use the                 pedestrian crossings (marked with the letter A) For the safety of your children, please do not attempt to enter or leave the school through Gates 4 or 5 on foot. Bicycle racks are available at the parents waiting area at Gate 1 should you be cycling to school.  

c.        If you are driving along Serangoon North Ave 3 and encounter problem keeping to the right lane, you should continue on the left lane along Serangoon North Ave 3 and make a ‘U’-turn.  This will bring you back to the junction of Serangoon North Ave 3 and Serangoon North Ave 4 again. 

Source: Street Directory
New Image for Administrative Matters.PNG



By Vehicle

d.        If you are driving your child to school and wish to drop him/her off at Gates 1 or 7, please refrain from dropping your child off along Serangoon North Ave 4 as this will both be dangerous for your child and obstruct traffic flow.   

e.        Parents who are fetching their children will only be allowed to drive into the school after 1.45pm on Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri, and 12.45pm on Wed.  Please do not wait outside the school gates as this causes congestion along Serangoon North Ave 4 for other road users. For students who are dismissed at 1.30pm on Wed, parents will only be allowed to drive into the school after 1.45pm. To ensure a smooth traffic flow, please do not park and wait for your child at the pickup points. 

f.         While driving inside the school compound, please adhere to the speed limit within the school and turn off the vehicle engine while waiting for your child’s dismissal.


g.         For school dismissal, Vehicles entering the school will be split into 2 routes.  Parents of P1 to P2 students, please follow Route 1 as your children will be waiting for you at drop-off/ pick-up point B1.  Parents of P3 to P6 students, please follow Route 2 as your children will be waiting for you at drop-off/ pick-up point B2.  Families with 2 or more children in the school will have to follow the arrangement for the younger/ youngest child. For arrival , please follow the instructions from our security personnel.

On Foot
h.        If you are picking up your child on foot, you will be allowed to enter the school and wait at the parents wait area near Gates 1 and 7 after 1.30pm on Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri, and 12.30pm on Wed.  For the safety of our children, please display your Parent Access Pass as it allows the school to look out for strangers on the school premise.  

i.        If you need to pick up your child due to any emergency, please report to the General Office.  Parents picking up children who are unwell are allowed to drive into the school and park at drop-off/ pick-up point B1 temporarily. 

1.3         USE OF HDB CAR PARKS
Should you use any of the HDB car parks near Gates 1 and 7, please help us to be good neighbours by not causing any inconvenience or obstruction to the residents living there.  Kindly display parking coupons (if required) should you park longer than the grace period allowed, and do not park in the no parking zones or the red lots meant for season parking holders.  Parents driving into car parks are advised to slow down as you enter the car park and to give way to pedestrians.   

The peak period traffic is between 7.00am to 7.30am and 1.30pm to 2.00pm from Mondays to Fridays and Wednesdays from 12.30pm to 1.00pm. Parents who are driving are advised to drive safely and observe all traffic regulations. Please allow for enough time to reach the school before the school hours. Whilst in the school compound, please follow the instructions provided by the school personnel on duty. 


For parents who are picking up their children: Before 6pm you may walk into the school via Gate 1 or drive into the school via Gate 2 and pick up your child at the SCC.  Please show your parent access pass or security pass to our security officers when you enter the school. After 6pm you have to meet your child at Gate 7.

1.6           HOAX CALLS
The Singapore Police Force has over the past years issued warnings about “Phone Kidnapping Scam” calls.  If you should receive such a call about your child during school hours, please contact us immediately to ascertain the safety of your child.  If the main office line is busy, kindly contact our Operations Managers Mr Quek at 9656 3932 or Mr Singh at 9755 8132

1.7           INSURANCE 
As part of our student well-being efforts, the school has purchased insurance to provide basic coverage for our students in case of accidents. You may refer to the NTUC Income website for the policy coverage and benefits. In the event of any claim, you have to do e-submission of your claim through their website. If you need higher coverage for your child, please arrange a separate policy from your preferred insurer.