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Admission Matters



APPLICATION FOR PARENT VOLUNTEER (PV) PROGRAMME – For Parents of Children born between 2 Jan 2015 and 1 Jan 2016 (both dates inclusive)     

The application for Rosyth School PV programme for 2020 is now closed. For parents who have children born between 2 January 2016 and 1 January 2017, you can refer to the school website in January 2021 for the next PV application cycle. Thank you. 

Primary 1 Registration


2020 Primary 1 Registration Exercise

Parents may refer to Ministry of Education website for the 2020 Primary One Registration Exercise.  

In line with the measures announced by the government to further enhance safe distancing measures and ensure minimal contact among the public, there will be no in-person registration at the school. To register your child for phase 2A1, 2A2, 2B, 2C or 2C supplementary, you will need to submit an online application form available on the MOE website. Click here for the link to MOE website. If you require assistance or need more information, you may email us at rosyth_sch@schools.gov.sg or call 64812273. 

You can download the following infographic here

P1 Registration Ex 2019 infographic.png

Note: Children who are non-Singapore Citizen (non-SC) / non-Singapore Permanent (non-PR) can only register under Phase 3 of the 2020 P1 Registration Exercise. Non-SC / non-PR children are required to first submit an online indication of interest form between 2 Jun 2020 (Tuesday), 9.00am and 8 Jun 2020 (Monday), 4.30pm. Only non-SC / non-PR children who have indicated their interest in June 2020 and are informed by MOE in October 2020 that they can be offered a P1 place, will be able to register in Phase 3. Parents of non-SC / non-PR children may visit the P1 website for more information on Phase 3 registration.


Rosyth School P1 Registration Exercise Statistics 
Year Vacancy Places taken up at    
     Phase 1 Phase 2A1          Phase 2A2  Phase 2B  Phase 2C   
 2019 270   141 64   25
Balloting outside 2km: 18 applicants vying for 8 vacancies
Balloting within 1km: 28 applicants
Balloting within 1km: 76 applicants
 2018 300  159  67   32
Balloting outside 2km: 28 applicants vying for 21 vacancies
Balloting within 1km: 25 applicants
Balloting within 1km: 100 applicants
 2017 300  141  65   42 25
Balloting outside 2km: 2 applicants vying for 1 vacancy  
Balloting within 1km: 86 applicants
2016 300 113 56 38 27  66  
Balloting within 1km: 87 applicants
300 148 34 45 37 
Balloting between 1-2km: 3 applicants vying for 1 vacancy
Balloting within 1km: 90 applicants

Balloting will be conducted should the number of applications exceed the number of vacancies in any phase. Singapore Citizen (SC) children will be admitted first ahead of Permanent Resident children before home-school distance is considered. Should the number of SC applications exceed the number of vacancies in a specific phase, places will be balloted according to the home-school distance category in the following order of priority: 
1. Children living within 1km of the school of choice 
2. Children living between 1km and 2km of the school of choice 
3. Children living outside 2km of the school of choice 

Request for School Record  
Parents can approach the MOE Customer Service Centre to request for a copy of your school record. Parents can purchase a Certified-True-Copy of your PSLE certificate at $10 from the Customer Service Centre.    




Non-Singapore Citizen (SC) / non-Permanent Resident (PR) children who wish to seek admission to Primary One (P1) are required to undergo a two-step process:

Step 1: Submit an online indication of interest form via the MOE P1 website in June, and 
Step 2: Non-SC / non-PR children who have submitted the indication of interest form and are notified in October by MOE that they can be offered a P1 place in the school, must register in-person at the designated school during Phase 3 of the P1 Registration Exercise (in late October). 

For those who wish to seek admission to mainstream schools at the Primary 2 to 5 must take part in the Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) . Please visit MOE website for more information. The school does not admit any Non SC / Non PR children directly. 

Transfer to Rosyth School (for SC or SPR)  


The application is only applicable to a child who is a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident. For a child who is not a Singaporean Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident, please refers to International students. 

Currently all our places are filled. If you wish to transfer your child to our school, please apply to place him/her on our wait list. Application forms must be submitted to the school's general office by 1 November in order to be considered in the current year for transfer/admission. The application will lapse after one year and parents will need to submit a fresh application yearly. Incomplete submission of documents will not be considered. The school will contact you if you are successful in obtaining a place in our school in Nov/Dec. Click to download Wait List Application Form.