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ICT Department

ICT Department

- Mr Victor Chew  

Subject Head (ICT & KM)
- Ms Leong Mok Kam 


ICT is used to engage pupils in learning.

Manga @ Rosyth

ICT Programmes


Rosyth School has benefited from the flexibility and autonomy through the devolution of ICT funds. Moving away from the standard provision of ICT equipment has given us the freedom to better choose our ICT tools that would allow us to cater to the needs and abilities of our pupils. Our ICT vision can now be driven by our educational goals and objectives, rather than by the standard provision of technologies.

We are able to equip ourselves with the appropriate ICT tools to experiment, contextualize and boost current teaching pedagogies. It has certainly empowered us to leverage on ICT as a platform to enhance our teaching and school processes. Amongst the varied technologies that we hold are MP3 players, graphic tablets, handhelds, interactive whiteboards and video production equipment.

During art lessons, instead of paper, pencils or paints, pupils are handed graphic tablets on which they create Manga Characters. This is part of our Manga Art @ Rosyth Programme which uses technology to help pupils learn the techniques of manga drawing during their formal Art curriculum.

"Manga Art @ Rosyth" was implemented based on a review of the ICT programme for Primary 5 pupils, which involved students picking up animated drawing skills through the use of a mouse and Flash software. It was found that drawing could be expedited and enhanced through graphic tablets featuring a patented pressure-sensitive pen for brush-like control to create, edit and retouch images. Through our interactions with our students, teachers discovered a keen interest in manga comics and anime drawing. This has led to the design of the "Manga Art @ Rosyth" curriculum. With the support and encouragement from the Cluster ETO, our school submitted a paper on this project and was emplaced on the Lead ICT scheme.

In line with the MOE initiatives to take learning out of the classroom, Rosyth School integrates the use of iPads in our Learning Journeys at the zoo and at Changi Airport. The use of the mobile technology provides a platform for pupils to gather data, record their experiences and reflect upon it before planning and applying what they have learnt.

Coding and Robotics are also infused into our curriculum. Our students were featured by the international Telecommunication Union (ITU) as they embarked on the Lab on Wheels Program.