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A one-stop portal for Rosyth staff to access Professional Development information and resources

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To find out more about Rosyth's staff development approaches, please write to Mr Bong at :
To find out more about Business Excellence certification, please click here:
Enterprise Singapore BE Certification

Professional Excellence: Engaged. Empowered. Motivated.
Strengthening staff in collaborative and innovative leadership


The Teaching Profession

Singapore teachers have developed a strong ethos which defines the teaching profession. The Ethos of the Teaching Profession encapsulates the beliefs and practices of our teachers.

To download information on the Ethos: Click Here
To download Ethos slides: Click Here


"Every Teacher a Gem"
A Professional Development Model, TGM is a representation of a coherent whole of core areas of holistic professional growth & development for teachers.






The Ethical Educator

The Competent Professional

The Collaborative Learner

The Transformational Leader

Community Builder

Website :
To download TGM slides: Click Here



HR Circulars

EPMS Forms

PD Forms

Course Listings


Upgrading Opportunities

PD Information & Resources

Useful PD Websites

ICT Resources

Important Reminders


Rosyth Staff Awards

Rosyth Staff Surveys

Workload Allocation Policy, Operational Workload Examples, Leave Norms

Revised Re-employment Framework

PD Publications Corner

Click Here to access the Rosyth Staff Management Online Handbook.

(accessible to Rosyth School Staff only)



The Singapore Teachers Vision

Written by teachers, for teachers through an envisioning exercise in which schools island-wide participated in through Teachers Conversations at zone and school level.


Singapore Teachers: Lead. Care. Inspire

By word and deed, through the care we give, we touch the lives of our students. We make a difference - leading and inspiring our students to believe in themselves and to be the best they can be.

As individuals and as a community of professionals, we seek continually to deepen our expertise. Respectful of fellow educators, we collaborate to build a strong fraternity, taking pride in our work and profession.

We forge trusting partnerships with families and the community for the growth and well-being of each student.

We Lead, Care, Inspire,
For the Future of the Nation Passes through Our Hands.


School Key Learning Direction 2021-2024

1.  Critical Inquiry Methods & STP Knowledge Bases

2.  FA5 (SRL) & ePedagogy (Active Learning Processes + Learning Interactions)

3.  Differentiated Instruction for CES



Rosyth Staff Framework



The Singapore Teaching Practice (STP)






Skills Future for Educators (SFEd) skillsfuture-for-educators-sfed/wiki/page



Educational Leadership and School Excellence (ELSE)



SG Learning Designers Circle (SgLDC)



We Value Our People

Our People Are Our Greatest Asset:

- At Rosyth, we respect and value all our people

- Mutual trust and confidence are the ingredients for our cornerstone of our relationships within the school

- We encourage the thirst to learn

- Our people are energised and motivated to excel





School Values


v  Integrity

v  Care

v  GrAtitude

v  Respect & Resilience

v  Entrepreneurial Spirit


School Vision

I-CARE about Learning with Passion (2017-2018)

I-CARE about Serving with Compassion (2019-2020)

I-CARE about Leading with Vision (2021-2022)

Staff Recognition and Awards

MOE Long Service Award 2022

MOE Service Excellence Award (MSEA) 2021


30 Years




25 Years


Lee Ping



Yong Yong

Kok Siang




20 Years

Li Na


Jane O


15 Years

Hui Li



Chui Geok


Jing Wen


10 Years



Xiao Shan

Kuan Chin





5 Years

Lim San






Zhi Jun
Bi Luan
Sook Hwa
Joe Hwee
Hsiao Chien
Ji Min
Li Min
Li Koon
Yong Peng


Mok Kam
Li Na
Huey Chee

Ming Hui
Swee Ching
Eileen L
Wen Huey
Chio Hoon
Y ang Han
Jane O
Hui Li
Chui Geok
Hui Qi
Eileen S


Shi Liang

May Ling
Wee Meng
Melvin W
Zhuo Yun
Zhang Cong


Chiew J W
Chia C W
Chua L K
Lim E W
Lim G H
Pauline M
Ngo N
Shirley P

Rosyth Long Service Award 2022

30 Years



Sook Hwa

Jane G


25 Years


Lee Ping



20 Years

Ngo New


15 Years

Hui Li





Mok Kam

Eileen L


10 Years



Ji Min




5 Years



Mui Lan


Zhang Cong


Outstanding Contribution Awards 2021 (Team)

-  Cashless payment at school canteen


-  ICT Support


-  Care Carnival 2021


- All about Advertising Language Module for Primary Six Students

-  Last Minute Virtual Pivoting of Childrens Day by the Core Team

-   A School Wide Values In Action Movement with Circle of Love


-   Creating Meaningful Citizenship Experiences for Students


-   Empowering students with school spirit and building school pride through modified new normal platforms


-   Project Heart: Navigating COVID-19 Disruptions to Service the Community

-   Healthy Minds, Happy Hearts - Mental Health Awareness Campaign @ Rosyth


-   Supporting & Managing our Rosythians in the new norm (Student Management)


-   P5 Period PHI


-   e-Read@Rosyth 2021


-   Open-ended Mathematical Tasks Taskforce

Outstanding Contribution Awards 2021 (Individual)

National Day Awards 2022

Academy Awards for PD 2021

Innergy Awards 2022


- Victor C
- Chia B L
- Haidah


Efficiency Medal

May Ling

Associate – Facilitator of Workshops

- Raymond B
- Victor C

- Fairus

- Goh T A

Associate - Innovator

- Kokila

- Nazirudeen

- Zailani


Associate - Researcher

- Melvin W


Outstanding Innovator Award

-   Evelyn



-   eRead@Rosyth

-   TechnoLolly @Rosyth



- ARTS Tick ARTS Talk




Professional Development News and Activities

To download documents and resources from this site, please place your mouse over the key words and click to 'open' or 'save'

Staff Professional Development & Training

Staff Collaboration & Innovation

Staff Recognition & Motivation

Staff Well-being & Health

Submission of Online LNA 2022
Click below to access the Guide and Video:
Submit latest by 4 March 2022


Click Here to download the 'LNA & PD Plan Guide for JHs' (VPN required to access from home).

Professional Development Leave & Packages for Education Officers
The application window for Professional Development Leave (PDL) Scheme and Professional Development Packages (PDP) for Education Officers (EOs) (except for Postgraduate Scholarship) commencing from Jul 2022 onwards will run from 4 Jan to 28 Jan 2022.

If you are eligible and interested in pursuing the following professional development activities commencing from Jul 2022 onwards, you are invited to submit your PDL/PDP application during this window period:

- Full-time on-campus undergraduate degree studies (for non-graduate EOs)

- Full-time/Part-time On-campus postgraduate degree studies

- Teachers' Work Attachment

- Short term relevant courses


If you are accessing from home, VPN is required)
- To read the
Email Notification on PDL/PDP Application, Click Here.

- Online application can be made via the
HRMS Employee Self-Service (ESS) modules at

- To download the
HRMS User Guide for the online application, Click Here.

- For more details on PDL/PDP, please refer to
HR Online at:

EO Professional Development

Click Here to access the In-Service Course Listings for EOs.

EAS Professional Development

Click Here to access the EAS PD Unit website to access the upcoming programmes/events, PD Planner, EAS PD Guide and Learning Roadmap.


Click Here to access TAKE 5: Infobite and TAKE 5: Feature articles.

AED Professional Development

Click Here to access the AED Learning Frameworks and Course Listings.

SSD Professional Development

Click Here to access information on PD for SSDs and the School-based Professional Development Fund (SPDF).

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2022 Training

Teachers Trained in Special Needs (TSN) Modules

Pre-requisite: Foundational Module: Engaging Students with Special Needs in Mainstream Classrooms
22-23 Feb 2022 (Run 1)

18-19 May 2022 (Run 2)

15-16 Nov 2022 (Run 3 - tentative)
Course Code: By nomination

Elective Module: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
6-7 & 28 Apr 2022 (Run 1)

12-13 Jul & 4 Aug 2022 (Run 2 - tentative)

Course Code: SEN-000051


Elective Module: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
22-24 Mar 2022 (Run 1)

19-21 Jul 2022 (Run 2 - tentative)

Course Code: SEN-000050


Elective Module: Learning Disabilities

14-15 Feb, 7 Mar 2022 (Run 1)

1-2, 24 Aug 2022 (Run 2 - tentative)

Course Code: SEN-000049


Elective Module: Physical & Sensory Disabilities (PSD)
Dates: 25-27 Apr 2022

Course Code: SEN-000052


Elective Module: Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (EBD)

Dates: 5-7 Jul 2022 (tentative)

Course Code: -


Click Here for details of specific course codes for classes, dates and venues.

Click Here to access the SEN resource portal.

Certificate in School Counselling

Module 1 (Solution-Focused Brief Therapy)

Module 2 (At-Risk Students and the School Settings)


Jan 2022 [SEL-000012-01 / SEL-000012-02]

14, 21, 28 Jan and 4, 11, 18 Feb 2022


Aug 2022 [SEL- 000027-03 / SEL-000027-04]

16, 23, 30 Aug and 14, 21, 28 Sep 2022

Module 3 (Practical Experience in School Counselling)

8 weeks



Professional Development Courses for Teachers of High Ability Learners


Facilitating Differentiated Instruction for High Ability Learners (Pri)

Dates: 7 Mar-4 Apr 2022

Course Code: PED-000034


Foundation Course in Differentiation for Learners with High Ability (FiDLHA) Parts 1 & 2 (English Language)

Part 1: 4-11 Mar 2022

Part 2: 1-7 Jul 2022

Course Code:

PED-000027 (Part 1) & PED-000028 (Part 2)


Foundation Course in Differentiation for Learners with High Ability (FiDLHA) Parts 1 & 2 (Mathematics)

Part 1: 24-29 Mar 2022

Part 2: 29 Jul-2 Aug 2022
Course Code

PED-000028 (Part 1) & PED-000030 (Part 2)


Foundation Course in Differentiation for Learners with High Ability (FiDLHA) Parts 1 & 2 (Science)
Part 1: 29 Mar-4 Apr 2022

Part 2: -

Course Code:
PED-000031 (Part 1) & PED-000032 (Part 2)



LAMPplus Module

1) Curriculum Leadership Module (CLM - Part 1) (Pri)

Class 1: 28 Mar 2022

Class 2: 21 Jul 2022

Course Code: SL-000020-01



2) Curriculum Leadership Modules (CLM - Part 2) (Pri)

English Language

Dates: 7-8 Mar 2022

Course Code: EL-000130-01

Mother Tongue Language
Dates: 29-31 Aug 2022

Course Code: SL-000018-01


Dates: 8 Jul 2022

Course Code: MA-000216-01



Dates: 19 Apr 2022

Course Code: SCI-000116-01


Dates: 23-24 Feb 2022

Course Code: ART-000057-01


Dates: 12-14 Jul 2022

Course Code: LD-000021-01


Educational Technology
Dates:18, 19, 26 May, 31 Aug 2022

Course Code: ICT-000088-01


Physical Education

Dates: 15-16 Feb 2022

Course Code: PE-000168-01


Induction for Newly Appointed CCA MMs (Pri)
Dates: 20 May 2022

Course Code: CCA-0000018-02


Induction for Newly Appointed SLD MMs
Dates: 29 Apr 2022

Course Code: SLD-000002-01


Induction for New Discipline Masters/ Mistresses (DMs)
Dates: 2-3 Mar 2022

Course Code: SWB-000054-01


Student Development Training for YHs (Pri)
Class 1: 18-21 Jul 2022

Class 2: 12-15 Sep 2022

Course Code: LD000020-19



Character and Citizenship Education (Sec)

Class 1: 4-7 Apr 2022

Class 2: 19-22 Sep 2022

Course Code: CCE-000102-02


3) Culture Building Foundation Module (CBFM)


Class 1: 9, 30 Mar 2022

Class 2: 10, 31 Mar 2022

Class 3: 5, 19 Apr 2022

Class 4: 6, 20 Apr 2022

Class 5: 5, 19 May 2022

Class 6: 29 Jun, 13 Jul 2022

Class 7: 4, 18 Aug 2022

Class 8: 11, 25 Aug 2022

Class 9: 31 Aug, 21 Sep 2022

Class 10: 15, 29 Sep 2022

Course Code: LD-000007-

118 / 109 / 112 / 116 / 111 / 114 / 110 / 113 / 115 / 117

Click Here for details of specific course codes for classes, dates and venues



Teacher-led Workshops (TLWs) 2022

Click Here for full details of Semester 1 2022 Teacher-led Workshops



APS/PAI Courses and Events 2022

Click here for 2022 Courses and Events


Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference 2022

Date: 30 May - 1 June 2022



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2022 Upgrading Opportunities

Professional Development Leave and Packages (for Education Officers)

1. Professional Development Leave (PDL)

- No-pay PDL

- Half-pay PDL

- Full-pay PDL

2. Professional Development Packages (PDP)

- PDP 1 (Postgraduate Scholarship)

- PDP 2 (Postgraduate Award, Undergraduate Study Award)

- PDP 3 (Subsidy)

- PDP 4 (Lifelong Learning Award)

Application Period - Date to Commence PD Activity

- 1st 4 weeks Term 1 - Jul of the year onwards

- 1st 4 weeks Term 2 - Oct of the year onwards

- 1st 4 weeks Term 3 - Jan of following year onwards

- 1st 4 weeks Term 4 - Apr of following year onwards


Click Here for information on the various PD packages and schemes available to EOs in HR Online:

Click Here for information on procedures for application.

Click Here for information on filling in and submitting application.


Changes to PDL & PDP Scheme Circular


Advanced Diploma Programmes


- Primary Art Education

- Primary Music Education

(August 2022 Intake)

Application is through the Singapore Teachers Academy for the Arts (STAR)


Application Deadline: 7 January 2022

Click Here for nomination form.

Click Here for more information on the programmes.

- Primary Mathematics Education
30 June - 28 July 2022
OPAL Course Code: MA-000172


Other Programmes:

- Primary English Language Education
- Primary Science Education

- Special Education
- Special Learning & Behavioural Needs

- Teaching Early Primary School Years
- Teaching

Application for the courses is via OPAL2.0.


Practitioner Programmes

- Art Teacher Practitioner Programme (ATPP)

- Music Teacher Practitioner Programme (MTPP)

- Art/Music Teacher Practitioner Programme (ATPP/MTPP) without advancement to Advanced Diploma

Dates: Sep 2022-Mar 2023

Nomination Deadline: 14 Feb 2022

Click Here for ATPP & MTPP nomination form.

Click Here for ATPP/MTPP nomination form.


Click Here for more information on the programmes.

SUSS University Application


2 admission intakes a year - January and July - for most part-time undergraduate programmes.

Application is year round.

Applications received between 1 October and 31 March (dates inclusive) will be considered for admission to the July intake

Applications received between 1 April and 30 September (dates inclusive) will be considered for admission to the January intake.


Refer to individual programme pages for their specific application periods.


For more information:

Click Here to download the 2023 Prospectus.


Doctor in Education (EdD)


PhD and Masters by Research

- Masters of Arts (MA) (Research)

- Masters of Science (MSc) (Research)

- Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Masters by Coursework

- Master of Arts (Applied Linguistics)

- Master of Arts (Applied Psychology)

- Master of Arts (Counselling and Guidance)

- Master of Arts (Educational Management)

- Master of Arts in Humanities Education

- Master of Arts (Instructional Design and Technology)

- Master of Arts (Leadership and Educational Change), Joint Programme

- Master of Arts (Teaching Chinese as an International Language)

- Master of Arts in Professional Education (Training and Development)

- Master of Education

- Master of Science (Exercise and Sport Studies)

- Master of Science (Life Sciences)

- Master of Science (Mathematics for Educators)


There are two intakes a year (January and August). The online application generally opens in May for admission in January in the following year and in October for admission in August the following year. Applicants are advised to visit the website and look out for announcements in May and October.


August 2023 Intake

- Master of Arts (Leadership and Educational Change), Joint programme

- Masters by Coursework

- Phd and Masters by Research:

- Doctor in Education

Application Period:

PhD and Masters by Research

3 October 2022 –13 January 2023


Masters by Coursework

1 November 2022 –13 January 2023


Click Here for application details.


MOE Postgraduate Scholarships/ Award for Year 2023 (Education Officers)
All applications are to be submitted via HRMS by Friday 14 January 2022.

Refer to the PGS/PGA circular (No. GA/27/21) on MOE Intranet.
Click Here to download the circular for more details. Application Form is found in Annex B.

Click Here for information on procedures for application.

Click Here for information on filling in and submitting application

MOE Postgraduate Scholarships/ Award for Year 2024 (Education Officers) application period should start 12 December 2022.


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Rosyth PLC 2022 @ Microsoft Teams
To access Learning Team Pages & PLC information.


Alternatively, access via the MS Teams app on your laptop/mobile device.

PLC Learning Teams will meet with effect from
Term 1 Week 3.

To access useful information for reading, click on: Templates, Videos, Articles

Link to: MOE PLC Website (Intranet)

MOE PLC Website (Internet)


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Professional Learning Teams



PLC Sessions 2022
Day: Wednesdays
Time: 2.00-3.30 pm

1) 19 Jan 2022

2) 16 Feb 2022

3) 23 Feb 2022

4) 30 Mar 2022

5) 6 Apr 2022

6) 20 Apr 2022

7) 6 Jul 2022

8) 20 Jul 2022

Team meeting minutes in Team Google Doc

Ongoing 2022

Learning @ Rosyth : Critical Inquiry Presentations

14 September 2022, 2.00 pm

Completion of Learning Team Survey & Review

18 November 2022


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Workshops on leading Professional Learning Teams

Leading Professional Learning Teams (PLTs ) with Basic Facilitation Skills

2 & 3 Feb 2021 /

18 & 19 Feb 2021

Course Code: 71066

Data-Driven Conversations in Professional Learning Teams

3 & 4 Feb 2021 /

24 & 25 Feb 2021 /

7 & 8 Apr 2021 /

28 & 29 Apr 2021
Course Code: 73589


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Critical Inquiry: Research  for Educators (R4E)

Introduction to Action Research

Microlearning Unit
Course Code: CI-000018

Introduction to Lesson Study

Microlearning Unit
Course Code: CI-000015

Introduction to Learning Circle

Microlearning Unit
Course Code: CI-000017

The Power of Learning Circle: Using the SPAOR Cycle

Microlearning Unit
Course Code: CI-000014

Introduction to Learning Study

Microlearning Unit
Course Code: CI-000016

The Strength of Learning Study: Harnessing Variation Theory for Lesson Design

Microlearning Unit
Course Code: CI-000029

Basic Statistics for Education and Education Research

Dates: 10-24 Feb 2022

Course Code: KI-000001

Introduction to Qualitative Research


Course Code: CI-000009

Qualitative Data Collection & Analyses

Dates: 6-13 April 2021
Course Code: CI-000010

Introduction to Critical Inquiry in Professional Development - 2021

Course Code: CI-000011

Classroom Research for Enhancing Critical Inquiry - 2021

Course Code: CI-000012

Video-based Critical Inquiry for Reflective Practice

Course Code: CI-000013

Learning Circle The Power of Learning Circle: Using the SPAOR Cycle


Course Code: CI-000004

R4E 301: Primary and Secondary Mathematics

Course Code: 31165-00006

Introduction to Action Research

OPAL2.0 Microlearning Module

Classroom Research 101

OPAL2.0 Microlearning Module


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Online Databases, Journals & Articles (Click Here or refer to the PLC web portal for the IDs and passwords to access the databases and list of Online Resources)


Ebscohost (login via iCON email)

ProQuest (login via personal NLB myLibrary ID) Main

Google Scholar


E-Journals & Online Publications

SAGE Journals

Springer Online

Taylor & Francis

Wiley Online Library

Ingenta Connect

Cambridge Journals Online

International Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies


Educational Leadership (ASCD)

Learning Forward

Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance (JOPERD)


Magazines and Newsletters

ASCD SmartBrief

Education Week

Education Week Research Centre


Harvard Educational Review

Harvard Business Review (HBR)

Society for Organizational Learning (SoL)

Primary Science / School Science Review

NIE Research Publications publication/

ELIS Research Resources



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Collabrify Roadmap Center

Collabrify Productivity Tool Suite & Collabrify Roadmap System

Intergalactic Mobile Learning Center


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MOE Service Excellence Award (MSEA) 2022
Award Categories
The MSEA is conferred at three levels:
i. Silver Award
ii. Gold Award

iii. Platinum Award

Submissions open 1 April 2022.


Inspiring Teacher of English Award 2022

The Inspiring Teacher of English Award is a national award for English teachers in Singapore schools that acknowledges teachers who ignite a love for the English language and are effective in helping their students speak and write accurately.


Click here for nomination form (pdf).

Click here for nomination form (Word).


Nomination period: 15 February-28 March 2022.


More information available at:


Innergy Awards 2022

Innovative projects that enhanced Teaching and Learning and/or Work Processes implemented between 1 Jan 2020 and 31 Dec 2021 will qualify for submission for the MOE Innergy (Schools) Award 2022.


Deadline: 25 February 2022.


More information available at: Pages/appinnergyschs.aspx


Click Here to download a copy of the application template.


President's Award for Teachers (PAT) 2022
The President's Award for Teachers gives national recognition to experienced teachers for their dedication and hard work in developing our young. It pays tribute to excellent experienced teachers who, through word and deed, inspire both their students and peers.

Nominations for PAT 2022 will commence on 1 October 2021.

Click Here to download a copy of the form. Copies also available at the school's General Office.

Nominations can be submitted through one of the following ways:

1) Online via by the closing date 25 January 2022.


2) Mail or fax completed form by the closing date 25 January 2022 to:

President's Award for Teachers Secretariat

Academy of Singapore Teachers

2 Malan Road, Singapore 109433

Tel: 66641474

Fax: 62787245


3) Place completed form in the PAT box at the General Office (latest by 18 January 2022)


More information available at


Outstanding Youth in Education Award (OYEA) 2022
OYEA gives national recognition to young teachers who are role models for the teaching profession. Nominees should be teachers who:
- are born on or after 30 June 1987
- are presently in service in a primary or secondary school, a Junior College or a Centralised Institute
- have shown utmost commitment to the character, moral and citizenship development of students
- motivate, challenge and inspire students to bring out their full potential
- are reflective practitioners who model continual learning
- demonstrate deep passion for teaching, and are role models for the teaching profession

Nominations are open from Friday 1 October 2021 and close on Wednesday 12 January 2022


OYEA 2022 Online Nomination Form is available at:  

OYEA 2022 Soft/Hard Copy

Click here to download a copy of the form.

Completed nomination forms must reach:
The Academy of Singapore Teachers
2 Malan Road, Singapore 109433 by
12 January 2022

More information available at


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Thank you for your support and feedback. The SWC will strive to bring you activities catered to your needs.

Presenting the 2021-2022 Staff Well-being Committee. Thank you for supporting our health and well-being!










Hui Qi


Jing Wen






Shi Liang


Yang Han


Look out for more updates soon…


SOUL (Emotional/Social)

MOE Family Day
Registration Start Date: 18 July 2022
Closing Date: 31 August 2022 or while tickets last

Application for No-Pay Leave (NPL)
Open from 12 September to 7 October 2022.

For Education Officers. EAS and Allied Educators who wish to apply for NPL durations of 1 month of more commencing from Term 1 2023 onwards.


Click Here for more information on the No Pay Leave Application Procedure.


Brought to you by Rosyth SWC
Refer to the emails from the SWC for details.
Look out for news on future events via email or school calendar mobile alert)

Next Session: TBC

Previous Sessions:

Time: 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.
Venue: Outside Level 2 Staff Lounge


Teachers’ Day Celebrations

Date: 31 Aug 2021

Time: 12.00pm-3.00pm
Venue: MPH


Staff Workload Allocation Policy, Operational Workload Examples and Leave Norms Bonding Day

Click on the following to download the documents
- Deployment & TWMF
Teaching Periods
Workload Allocation Policy
Operational Workload Examples
Leave Norms


Rosyth Staff Surveys
1) Staff Preference Survey - Complete Google Form latest by end of Term 3.

2) Staff Well-being Survey - Complete latest by end of Term 4

3) PLC Survey - Complete Google Form latest by end of Term 4.


One-off Incentive Award Application
This award serves to recognise the efforts of EOs who manage their work and part-time studies concurrently, while continuing to contribute effectively in the classroom.


Note: The One-Off Incentive Award was discontinued and will not be offered to officers who commence their local part-time on-campus postgraduate studies from 1 January 2020 onwards.

BODY (Physical)

MESRC Activities
The main objective of the Ministry of Education Sports and Recreation Club (MESRC) is to promote sports, social and recreational activities amongst members. MESRC has two clubhouses, Clubhouse @ Buona Vista and Clubhouse @ Evans, which operate a full range of sports and recreation facilities to cater to the needs of all its members.


Click Here to access the MESRC website, includinf
registration for Centralised Sports for Life Fitness Assessment (Walk/Run Test)


Learn to Play


Fitness Classes


Active SG Fitness Classes


Centralised Sports for Life Fitness Assessment (Walk/Run Test) 2022

Registration is subject to availability and accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Refer to the 9 June 2022 email from Nazir for registration details.


Health Screening 2022

Brought to you by Rosyth SWC. 

Refer to the 24 August 2022 email from Maggie for registration details.

Date: 14 September 2022

Time: 7.30am - 11.30 am

Venue: PAL Room 1


Exercise Ideas - Stay Active Anywhere, Anytime! (YouTube)


#OLiveWellness Micro-learning Units (MLUs) on OPAL2.0

The #OLiveWellness catalogue contains well-being related MLUs on OPAL2.0. Type in the key words for the topics you are interested in (refer to the website) after you have logged into OPAL2.0 and the unit will be made available for your selection.


Click here for more information & registration.


MESRC Online Fitness Challenge 2022 Season 2
(14 March - 30 April 2022)

Click here for more information.



Active Family

Organised by Health Promotion Board.


Register and find out more at moveit#active-family


MIND (Intellectual)

iCARE Workshops
stands for individual Consultation and Advisory Resource for Educators. These workshops are planned for all MOE staff (EOs, AEDs & EAS). The workshops focus on Personal Mastery to enhance personal and professional effectiveness and strengthen emotional, psychological and spiritual growth.
Click Here to access the workshop details.


OLive Staff Well-Being Programmes

For more information, link to Olive website at: olive


OLive Workshops
OLive is an integrated approach to developing and enhancing staff well-being. It looks into the physical, emotional and social development of staff so as to enable them to achieve well-being in different aspects of their lives - self, family, work and community & environment.
Click Here to access the OLive calendar for the latest workshops.


Growing from Within for EOs & AEDs (T&L)
This is a programme for teachers to embark on a reflective journey to reconnect with their purpose and passion for teaching.
Please Click Here for the publicity slides.

s: Dates: 15 Feb 2022 (full day)

                         16 & 17 Feb (half day)
Venue: AST

Course Code: SWB000053-01


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Professional Development Resources

To download documents and resources from this site, place your mouse over the key words and click to 'open' or 'save' (using Internet Explorer browser)
Note: Restricted to Rosyth staff only. VPN required to access Intranet sites and folders from home.

Course Listings

Useful PD Web Sites


EPMS Forms

Circulars (VPN required)

PD Publications Online

(click on the titles to access the publication)




OER Knowledge Bites


Research in Education


Contact The Teachers Digest




PAT Publication


SUSS UG Prospectus 2022


SUSS Grad Prospectus 2022


EO Course Listing 2022 (Primary)

Academy of Singapore Teachers (Internet)


EPMS Work Review Form Leadership Track

HR Exercises Circulars

AED(T&L) Course Listing2022

AST READ@Academy

Access the PLC website to access the templates: Rosyth PLC 2022

- PLC Team Template

- PPCR Team Template

- Individual Reflections Template

- Year-end Learning Team Survey

EPMS Work Review Form Teaching Track

Revisions to Flexi-Adjunct Schemes

AED(LBS) Course Listing 2022

Career Planning

Work Review Form (Closed Section)

One-off Incentive Award 2019

AED(SC) Course Listing 2022

Code of Professional Conduct

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Annual Declaration Exercise 2020

OPAL2.0 Course Listing 2022

Educational Leadership and School Excellence

Annual Staff Appraisals 2020

LAMPplus Schedule 2022

Enterprise Singapore Business Excellence

Role Profiles

PGS/PGA Exercise for Studies in Year 2022

WSQ Operations Course List 2022 updated

Ethos of the Teaching Profession


Leadership Track

Application for Undergraduate Study Award 2020

WSQ Operations Course List 2022

HR Online

Introduction to PLCs

Role Profile Leadership SEO 1 (SH/LH)

Open Posting Exercise EOs 2020

WSQ Supervisory Course List 2022


PLC Launch Slides

Role Profile Leadership SEO 2 & 3 (HOD/SSD/YH)

Open Posting Exercise for AED 2020

TLW Schedule Semester 2 2022

Innovation @ MOE

PLC The Essential Content

Role Profile Leadership SEO 3 & SUP H (Vice-Principal)

Open Posting Exercise for EAS 2020

STAR Art PD Programmes

Instructional Mentoring Programme

A Sequence of Sorts

Role Profile Leadership SEO SUP G / F / E (Principal)

Closed Posting Exercise for EOs 2020

STAR Music PD Programmes

MOE Heritage Centre

PLC Beginnings

Teaching Track

Revisions to Appointment Criteria for KP Appointments

Courses Online

MOE Sports & Recreation Club (MESRC)

PLC Templates - General

Role Profile Teaching GEO 1 & 2

Guidelines for Transport Claims

Civil Service College Programmes

OLive Staff Well-being

PLC Templates 1 - Learning Teams

Role Profile Teaching GEO 3

Grant of Unrecorded Leave and Unconditional CCL in Half-Days

MOE PD Programmes


PLC Templates 2 - Team Members

Role Profile Teaching GEO 4

Special EO Payment

NIE Office of Graduate Studies

Performance Appraisal

PLC Templates 3 - Collaborative Tools

Role Profile Teaching GEO 5

Application and Nomination for 2019 PMTT/MTT Appointment

NIE Professional Development Catalogue

Professional Development Leave

PLC Video Part 1

Role Profile Teaching SEO 1 (ST)

Secondment of EOs to NIE

NIE/NTU Masters Programme

Professional Development Packages

PLC Video Part 2

Role Profile Teaching SEO 2 & 3 (LT)

Continual Development Programme for Studies in 2019 for EAS

NTU Centre for Continuing Education Programmes

Professional Development Planning Office

PLC Readings

Role Profile Teaching SEO 3 & SUP H (MTT)

Review of Allied Educators Scheme

NUS School of Continuing and Lifelong Education

Professional Learning Communities

The Educators' Digest Issue 1

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Promotion Exercise 2020

PA SkillsFuture Programmes

Quality Service

PLCs An Overview

Review of the Education Scheme of Service

Principal's Academy Courses

Rosyth Home Page (Internet)

A Big Picture Look at PLCs

EPMS Guides

In-Service Salary Adjustments for the Allied Educators Scheme

SEAB Training Programmes

School Cockpit

Cultural Shifts in a PLC

Guide to Revised EPMS for Job Holders

Replacement of Reengagement Bonus with Commitment Incentive For CAJTS

Singapore Teachers Union Professional Development


Anne's Top 6 Research-based Assessment for Learning Strategies

Guide to Performance Management for Reporting Officers

Revised Training Requirements for Promotion of OSOs

Singapore University of Social Sciences (formerly UniSIM)


Assessment For Learning: Planning for Professional Development

Checklist for Job Holders

Appointment Guidelines for STs and LTs


SG Learning Designers Circle

What Does the Classroom Assessment Research Say?

Checklist for Reporting Officers

Revised Guidelines for Re-employment for EAS & AED

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Singapore Teaching Practice

Feed Back ... Feed Forward: Using Assessment to Boost Literacy Learning

Exemplars Primary School

Revised Guidelines for Re-employment for EO

Skills Future for Educators (SFEd)

Circles of Learning from Teacher to Teacher

KRA Key Plans Sample Example

Degree-based Emplacement

Useful PD Information & Resources

SkillsFuture Programmes


KRA Key Plans Sample Summary

Performance-based Emplacement

OPAL2.0 Learner User Guide

Teacher Growth Model (TGM)


KRA Role Profiles & Key Plans Sample

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Enrolling for courses on OPAL2.0

Teacher Work Attachment Plus (TWA+)


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Rosyth Learning Framework

Online Publications

Important Reminders

Complete Post Course Review 2 of your PPCRs within 3 months of completion of the Key Learning Programme

TGM Learning Continuum

ICT Resources

ASCD Educational Leadership

PD Forms

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ETD Intranet

Learning Forward

PD Form E1 - PPCR Individual

Baseline ICT Standards

ASTD (American Society for Training and Development)

PD Form E2 - PPCR Group

Re-employment Framework

LMS Portal (AskNLearn)

Phi Delta Kappan

PD Form G - Developmental Assignment Activities Form

FAQs on Revised Re-employment Framework

Personalised Digital Learning

Articles & Newsletters

Development Plan


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Programme (PDLP) Starter Kit

ASCD SmartBrief

Lesson Observation Form E2CLAP


SCAN Information Portal

Education Week

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STU HBL Resources

Harvard Educational Review



Student Learning Space Info


Changes to SAR and HRMS


Student Learning Space Portal

Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance (JOPERD)



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Society for Organizational Learning (SoL)

Old SAR (EAS Div. I)




Old SAR (EAS Div. II-IV)




Publications for Download

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Challenge (Public Service)





Contact - The Teachers' Digest





NIE Research Publications





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