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Values in Action

Serve with Compassion - Values in Action

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) in GEP is the formal instructional curriculum developed for the teaching of desired values and life-skills to students. Through these lessons, students are equipped with self-awareness and self-management skills to help achieve social and emotional well-being.

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Community Outreach- Breakfast with Seniors

In Rosyth School, the Values in Action (VIA) programme is undergirded by out I-Touch beliefs:

I can make a difference
Touching lives
Observing and
Understanding the community needs
Caring for others and the environment
Helping in actions.

Serve with Compassion - Values in Action

In this year’s VIA project, students show their appreciation and gratitude to the unsung heroes in our school. They are none other than our school cleaners who work very hard to keep our environment clean and safe so we can study and play together.

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Project Heart
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After interviewing the various cleaners to find out their needs, P4 to P6 students work together by bringing the food items and wrapping them into hampers to gift the cleaners.


Serve with Compassion - Values in Action

In our school, there is a Passion Board that allows students to choose the programmes or workshops that they are keen to attend, including volunteering to help Primary 1 students decorate their classrooms during Chinese New Year.

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P4 students are given opportunities to be buddies to newly-posted students into the school. They spend the first 3 days of school getting to know each other and working together.