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Primary 3 (2019)

Primary 3 

- Mrs Tan Weishan 



Class Form Teacher Email
P3 AFF NOOR HAIDAH MOHAMED SALL  (FT)noor_haidah_mohamed_sall@schools.gov.sg
 CHONG MEI KEI MAGGIE (Co)chong_mei_kei_maggie@schools.gov.sg
P3 APPNUR LIYANA SAINE (FT)nur_liyana_saine@schools.gov.sg
 YEO ZIYI (Co)yeo_ziyi@schools.gov.sg
P3 DEX PARAKKAT NEITHALATH SIVA KUMAR (FT)siva_menon@schools.gov.sg
 LIM HUEY CHEE (Co)lim_huey_chee@schools.gov.sg
P3 EMP QINGHUI VALERIE WANG (FT)wang_qinghui_valerie@schools.gov.sg
 MOHAMAD ROSHAN MOHD SAH (Co)mohamad_roshan_mohd_sah@schools.gov.sg
P3 INN KOH KIM ENG DEBORAH (FT)koh_kim_eng@schools.gov.sg
 WONG PEI FEN (Co) wong_pei_fen@schools.gov.sg
P3 MAG  SHOBA JAGANATHAN (FT)shoba_jaganathan@schools.gov.sg
 LIN WEISHAN (FT)  lin_weishan@schools.gov.sg
 KANG LI MIN (Co)kang_li_min@schools.gov.sg
P3 REL NUR AZIANAH BTE ZAKARIA (FT)azianah_zakaria@schools.gov.sg
 KWEK LI KOON  (Co)kwek_li_koon@schools.gov.sg
P3 TRU ANGELINE ONG CHONG GHEE (FT)ong_chong_ghee@schools.gov.sg
 NG KENG CHOON FIONA (Co)ng_keng_choon@schools.gov.sg

P3 and P1 Buddy programme (term 1 - first three days of school)

The Buddy Programme provides opportunity for our P3 pupils to show Care and Share to our P1 pupils during their first week in school. They buddy the P1 pupils to orientate them so that they can be familiar with the school environment and befriend the P1 pupils so as to help them settle into school.

Buddy Programme Compiled Images

amazing science p3-p1 digestive apron (term 3)

This collaboration with the lower primary allows our P3 pupils to share their knowledge about the digestive system with the P1 pupils.  Besides reinforcing their knowledge, it is also a platform for the P3 pupils to build confidence in presentation skills in an authentic classroom environment.   

Our Work-Digestive System using recycled materials

Amazing Science 1-2 Compiled.jpg

Sharing with the P2 pupils- Putting on the Digestive Aprons

Amazing Science 3-4 Compiled.jpg



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