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Primary 2 (2019)

Primary 2

AYH (Covering)
- Mrs Yeo Bak Keng Joyce



Class Form Teacher Email
P2 AFF YEO KHENG HUA ELAINE (FT)yeo_kheng_hua_elaine@schools.gov.sg
 LIM YILING EILEEN (Co)lim_yiling_eileen@schools.gov.sg
P2 APP JOSEPHINE SEE HWEE MENG (FT) josephine_see_hwee_meng@schools.gov.sg
 MARDIANA MOHD SHARIP (Co)mardiana_mohd_sharip@schools.gov.sg
P2 DEXTAY CHIN LEONG (FT) tay_chin_leong@schools.gov.sg
 SHARIFAH AMIRAH SYED HAMID (Co)sharifah_amirah_syed_hamid@schools.gov.sg
P2 EMP SURIANI MOHAMAD (FT)suriani_mohamad@schools.gov.sg
 LAM YONG PENG (Co)lam_yong_peng@schools.gov.sg

 MOHAMMAD ZULFALDI (Co)mohammad_zulfaldi_mohd_rashid@schools.gov.sg
P2 MAG  NURJIHAN MOHAMMAD NOOR (FT) nurjihan_mohammad_noor@schools.gov.sg
 ELIDA (Co)elida_wahyuningsih_wongsosuhendro@schools.gov.sg
P2 OBS KELLY TONG JIAN YING (FT)tong_jian_ying_kelly@schools.gov.sg
 RAO CHUNYAN (Co)rao_chunyan@schools.gov.sg
P2 REL ZURAINA MOHD SENEN (FT)zuraina_mohd_senen@schools.gov.sg
 TAN LI JIA (Co)tan_li_jia@schools.gov.sg
P2 THO LEONG MOK KAM (FT)leong_mok_kam@schools.gov.sg
 CHEN YINGYING ANNA (Co)chen_yingying@schools.gov.sg
P2 TRU YEO BAK KENG JOYCE (FT)yeo_bak_keng_joyce@schools.gov.sg
 CHEN GENGSHI RUTH (Co) chen_gengshi_ruth@schools.gov.sg 


Amazing Science Programme (Primary 2 and 5) (Term 2)

1. To expose the P2 pupils to Science and heighten their interest and curiosity to the world of Science. Through this collaboration with the Primary 5, the P2 pupils will learn about the different types of manets and how to make a fridge magnet. 

2. To integrate English (Big Book - 'Magnetic Max') and provide the experience for the P2 pupils to write an instructional text on how to make a fridge magnet.

Amazing Science P2 compiled.jpg

Learning Journey to Changi Airport (Term 2)

This learning journey provides opportunities for our pupils to put into practice Mathematics concepts as well as skills taught during English. During the airport trail, pupils will work in groups as well as individually to complete assigned tasks. 

Mathematics - Estimating Length using Metre and Centimetre

P2 Maths.jpg

English - Extracting information from the board

P2 English.jpg

Social Studies - Learning about the Singapore as a hub and our neighboring countries

P2 Social Studies

Learning Journey to Science centre (Term 3)

The learning journey to the Science Centre has been planned to coincide with the STELLAR unit - World of Tools. Pupils will learn about tools in a fun and interactive manner. They will be intrigued by the amazing world of tools, how it works and how it helps us in our daily life. Pupils will also take a walk at the Kinetic Garden to see examples of simple machines. At the end of the class, pupils will make and take home their own craft of a simple machine. 

Learning Journey @ Science Centre 01

Learning Journey @ Science Centre 02


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