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GEP For Primary Four Students


1) Class List for 2017 P4 GE students                                                                                     

integration programme for p4 gep and high ability students

The Integration Programme in Rosyth allows for learning among students in the GEP and high ability learners. Working closely together allows them to make friends with more students in the school, thus widening their social circle and allowing for their social emotional competencies to be enhanced. The Integration Programme is continually reviewed so as to provide a more fulfilling and enriching experience for our students.

Our Higher Chinese Language (HCL) classes for students in the GEP integrated with the top non-GEP classes. Those who take the Malay or Tamil language classes attend lesson with the mainstream students who take the same subjects in the same level.

Please note that higher Malay or Tamil language classes are only offered from Primary 5 onwards. 
In the event that the students cannot cope with HCL after a year, they would be given extra coaching in Primary 5 and may be allowed to take Chinese (CL) in Primary 6 subjected to recommendations by the school.

Music and Art Modular Programme

Music and Art are taught in alternate terms and the modules taught in each term are:

Art Elements and Principles of Design through Formal Art Appreciation and Art History and Lives and Works of Artists

Learning Music through recorder playing, singing and performance, IT in Music, Exploring Rhythm and improvisation.

Intermingling Programmes

PEAKS@Rosyth: Programme to help pupils Excel through the Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills. 

Students who have been identified as high ability learners are invited for PEAKS@Rosyth to take part in enrichment activities with the GEP students. This creates greater opportunities for pupils to interact and have fun learning together. 
The following are activities we have conducted under PEAKS:

Mathematics Modules - Special hands-on activities on selected topics
Designing Language Games -  Appreciation of knowledge & skills to modify a game to teach language to a group of lower primary students

Research Skills

Research Skills are taught weekly to equip students with foundational skills in research. These include choosing a research topic, writing the hypothesis and research question, sourcing for both primary and secondary information, data collection, analysing results and report writing. Students are also required to know the three methodologies, namely, the scientific approach, conducting interviews and surveys to gather relevant information for their research topics.