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Gifted Education Programme (GEP) in Rosyth School

Gifted Education (GE) Department

GEP HOD (Humanities)
- Mrs Helen Tan

GEP Subject Head (Mathematics & Science)
- Mr Michael Kao


A Love For Learning and Learning to Love

Desired Outcomes


Students are engaged individually and in small groups, or as a class, challenged by knowledge, concepts and skills in the various disciplines, as well as through interdisciplinary approaches.

Every child is different. He has strengths or talents. He is helped and guided, and recognised and acknowledged as an individual. The challenge is in creating a greater love and thirst for knowledge and skills and this motivation will help each one succeed in life.

Students learn in a community, in an extended family called the Rosythian family. They learn to accept themselves, and others in class, and learn to work and live harmoniously with others in the school. They are also exposed to other communities outside the school in the hope that they would learn to sympathise or even empathise with others.

Signature Programmes


  2. PEAKS@ROSYTH : Programme to help pupils Excel through the Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills (for Primary 4 students)
  3. RESEARCH SKILLS at Primary 4
  5. GIFT - GUIDED INSTRUCTION FOR THINKING (for Primary 5 students)
  6. PORTFOLIO BUILDING & INTERVIEWS SKILLS (for Primary 6 students)

Students' Works Showcase


Flash Fiction Award 2015 (Honorable Mention)
Written by Alldon Garren Tan (P5)

Teacher Lim stared hard at the skyline of Singapore glistening harshly under the midday sun. Even though most of Singapore lay protected within the artificial climate created by the bio-dome that stretched over most of the island, the glare of the sun still hurt his eyes. His mind however was preoccupied by the challenge posed by his Head of Department.

"The bio-dome has protected us from the worst of climate change. Its artificial climate makes Singapore an oasis of calm and stability in this weather ravaged Earth. But cocooned within this artificial environment, our children have lost touch with nature," said the Head solemnly. "For this year's SG100 Science Challenge, I want you to come up with a challenge to make our children re-connect with nature."

The Head of Department was correct. The children in Singapore had lost touch with nature. 40 years ago, the Singapore government started building the bio-dome to shield Singapore from the worsening haze as fires raged out of control in Singapore’s neighbouring countries. As global temperatures rose to above 40 degrees Celsius and the world baked, the bio-dome became more important in providing a comfortable environment for Singaporeans.

But something was lost along the way. Gone were the relaxing natural breezes that powered kites. Gone were the cool revitalising rains that darkened the land. The bio-dome had replaced the fickleness of nature with a climate that was comfortable and constant.

Suddenly Teacher Lim had his answer – he knew what he wanted the students to embark on for their SG100 Science Challenge.

Teacher Lim stood before the many expectant young faces.

“Students! For your SG100 Science Challenge, you must ascertain the distance between droplets of precipitation,” Teacher Lim announced to his students. He felt proud of his ingenuity in coming up with this challenge as it was unusual and would create the opportunity for his students to re-connect with nature.

Instead of the buzz of excitement that he expected, he was met with a cacophony of confusion. Hands flew into the air while many mouths sought clarifications.

Teacher Lim tried his best to explain.

“What is precipitation? Precipitation is rain.”

Still, the cacophony continued. Teacher Lim felt increasingly frustrated. Why couldn’t the children understand such a simple question? He gave it one last shot.

“What I want you to measure is the space between the raindrops when it rains. Surely you must understand, I cannot put it more simply!” he shouted in exasperation.

And then suddenly he understood, his understanding as clear as the sunlight passing through the transparent bio-dome at the break of dawn. For from the throng of voices, he heard a single pleading voice cut through the noise with its clarity and simplicity of meaning.

“Teacher Lim, what is rain?”

The bio-dome had accomplished its task.


Flash Fiction 2013 ( 1st Prize Winner)
Written by Beth Lim Shi Yu (P5)
Letting Go

The moon was orange that night. The wind lapped at my face, caressing my cheeks. If it had not been that our enemies were closing in on our secret hideout, I would have felt more at ease or comfortable in my surroundings.

My younger sister stood before me with her hands crossed over her chest, a sign of her growing resentment. Her eyes, illuminated by the pale rings of light from the moon, were stern as she glared at me.

She sucked in a shuddering breath before saying, “Cory, you don’t get to call the shots all the time, you know.”

My insides numbed with anger. I cared for her, but she had never appreciated it. I asked rhetorically, “Do you want to flirt with death?”

“But we need the ammunition and I know exactly where they are hidden,” Caddam protested.

“No, you stay put here,” I insisted curtly.

“You don’t trust me, do you? You know what? I don’t need your permission!” she hissed, her eyes sparkling with tears.

“Are you challenging my authority?” I asked brusquely as another surge of anger shot through me, making my heart swell with fury.

“Don’t like it? Well, I’m going anyway!” Caddam whipped around, her hair swishing behind her as she strode off.

I realised that she meant business. She was no longer the little girl who played with dolls and bowed in obeisance to everything I said. She was right. I had to stop mothering her all the time. “Fine!” I exclaimed exasperatedly.

Caddam stopped in her tracks and looked at me expectantly.

“Promise me you’ll be careful?” I implored, my voice quivering with fear. I was fearful that I was making the wrong decision, that I was sending her to a certain death.

Caddam ran off with scarcely a murmur but I could tell that she was really appreciative of the trust that I had finally placed in her.

It was probably a misplaced trust. Aeons passed but Caddam still had not returned. Anxiety gnawed at my conscience, turning my hands clammy. Why was she taking so long? “No, Caddam is fine,” I reassured myself.

Then reality set in – my sister must be in danger!

An unseen force sent me hurtling down the hill, the steady thump of my footsteps resonating in my ears. As I reached the foot of the hill, I espied a small figure on the ground. I stopped and looked down, dreading to see who the person was.

It was my sister.

She had a bullet wound in her stomach. Her shirt was stained with blood and her face had turned a sickly pallor. She gasped as she tried to speak. “Sorry, I betrayed your trust in me…”

Tears sprang to my eyes. “It doesn’t matter. Close your eyes,” I whispered. My lips were trembling so hard that I to purse them to stop the tremors.

“Moon… so beautiful…” she smiled weakly as she looked at me.

“Indeed,” I choked.

“It’s beautiful, just like you.”


Flash Fiction 2013 ( 2nd Prize Winner)
Written by Megan Yeo (P5)
Too Late to Say Sorry

I never thought it would turn out like this.

I gazed at my bosom buddy, Mark, lying on the road. Worms of blood streaked out of his wounds, forming dark crimson pools.

The car.

A glossy black Mercedes, crashed to the side of the road. The driver was unconscious.

This is all my fault. Somewhere in my hazy thoughts, I remembered this.

Tears. Prickling at the back of my eyes, silently slipping down my cheeks. Splattering onto the pavement.

Tears had been in Mark’s eyes when we were fighting. Tears of anger, of misery.

“I wasn’t the one who told your secret!”

Hatred had overwhelmed me. I had forgotten how to think rationally.

I only knew how to blame.

I felt my knees giving way and my body falling. The feelings of hopelessness, of grief, crushing and choking me.

The memories played in my head. The laughter of the bullies as they taunted me about my secret. The secret about my crush on someone in my class.

My bottled up fury, and the insatiable need to find the culprit.

These had led up to me confronting Mark. He had been the only one I had told this secret to. To me, Mark was a betrayer, and that was the main reason for my indignation.

“You did it, right?” I heard my cold voice accusing Mark.

“No!” he protested. “I’m your best friend, how could you not trust me?”

I turned away, overcome by rage. “Only you know that secret. How could it not be you?” I hollered, giving up on restraining my emotions.

Without another word, I turned away. Mark desperately tried to catch up with me, but I ignored his words, pleading for me to listen.

“We are no longer friends. Understand?” My voice was cool, and brooked no opposition.

With those words, I had severed our bond.

I did not stop walking, but out of my peripheral vision I saw Mark’s dejected expression.

“Wait!” Mark cried out. I was striding across the road, after making sure that there were no cars around.

Then, it happened.

Mark’s bloodcurdling scream. A deafening crash. Startled, I turned around and gasped.

Mark was sprawled on the ground, motionless.

My mind immediately went blank. Funny how when you are in a real accident, you forget how to act in an emergency. I just stood there.

All I could think of was that I should not have severed our friendship just because of a petty secret like that. After all, a friendship was something that was precious and priceless.

Why had I done such a despicable thing? Remorse washed over me and my guilt intensified.

I was the horrible friend.

I regretted everything. However, it was too late.

I was helpless as the passers-by dialled for the ambulance. Helpless as the ambulance careened towards the area.

I watched as Mark and the driver were carried into the ambulance.

I’m sorry.





Competition Students Name Organiser,
Level Achieved
12th Singapore Malaysia Schools Bilingual Olympiad 2015 Chong K Z P6 NYGH International TOP 30
Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary School (SAPMOPS) 2015

Platinum: 4
Gold: 7
Individual (P6)    
Wang Y Platinum
L Tok Platinum
D Qiu Platinum
He Y Platinum
Choong K Z Gold
Sim Y K Gold
Khoo W H Gold
Chen N Gold
E Wong Gold
Tan X E Gold
Singapore Asia-Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary School (SAPMOPS) 2015 Wang Y P6 International Gold Medallion
International Mathematics Competition

Changchun China, 27 July to 1 Aug 2015
Wang Y P6 International
Singapore Primary Science Olympiad 2015 Liu H NUSH National Second Runner-up
Toh J E
Quek Y H
Chan H W
Wong K F
National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore 2015

Team : 5th position
Gold: 9
Silver: 25
Bronze: 17
International Mathematics and Science Olympiad (IMSO) 2015

Thailand, 1 to 7 Nov 2015

Raffles Science Olympiad
Zhang J J P5 NUS High National Gold (Rank 14th)
Lim J T P5 Gold (Rank 15th)
Toh J E D P5 Gold (Rank 25th)
M S Chin P5 Gold (Rank 28th)
    Team: 5th position
Individual (P5)  
A G Tan   Gold
Liu H   Gold
Ong J Y   Gold
T Quek   Gold
Yuan H   Gold
Ang D J   Silver
C Low   Silver
Chua R H   Silver
Dai S R   Silver
J Tan H D   Silver
J Ngooi L   Silver
Kee H M W   Silver
Lee X P   Silver
Lee Z Y C   Silver
L Chan H W   Silver
Lim Y R   Silver
Lin B   Silver
M Lam J X   Silver
Mei F F   Silver
Phua C L M   Silver
Sivakumar A   Silver
Song Y   Silver
Sun Y   Silver
Tan T Y   Silver
Tan Y K   Silver
T Chia Z X   Silver
Tiu Y-E S   Silver
Wong K F   Silver
Xiao J S   Silver
Yang Z Z   Silver
Mathematics TBC
Lim J T P5
Toh J E (Reserve team)  
Titus Q P5 RI
Primary Mathematics Project Competition 2015 Poster Design (P4) NUS High National  
S Brikash Saikia   Commendation Award
Game Design (P5)  
Tan T Y   Commendation Award
Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest 2015

Junior Category:
2 Distinctions and 2 High Distinctions

Open Category:
3 Distinctions and 1 High Distinctions
Open Category (P6) RI
Wang Y   High Distinction
He Y  


L Tok  


D Qiu  


Junior Category (P5)  
Toh J E D   High Distinction
M S Chin K J   High Distinction
Lin L  


K Yeo  


Raffles Girls' School Mathematics and Science Competition 2014 Individual (P6) National  
Tok J Y L
(3rd in Mathematics)
  Medallist winner
A Hsuen V
(7th in Mathematics)
  Medallist winner
Chua Y E C
(4th in Science)
  Medallist winner
Team (P6) Trophy winner
Leo X N  
Tay J W  
Tok J Y L  
Chua Y E C  
A Hsuen V  
Yap Y T  
Destination Imaginaton 2015 (National) Challenge D: The Improv Games Destination Imagination Singapore 1st runner-up in Challenge D
Er Kay Lynn  
Pang Ler Ying
Chere Low
Ler Xuan Peng
Lee Zheng Yu
Stella Xiao
How Le Alicia
NSW English 2015 Yuan H E P5 International Medallist winner
Zhang Y F P5
Liang J H P6
NSW Math 2015 Lin B P5 International Medallist winner
National Spelling Championship 2015 J  Guan P6 ST-RHB Champion
National Youth Weiqi Championship 2015 Junior Secondary Category (Individual) National  
Zhang J J P5 3rd in position
Primary 5 Category Team: 2nd Runner up
Chua R H P5 Silver (Rank 3rd)
Lin B P5 Silver
T Quek P5 Bronze
Flash Fiction Contest 2015 Primary Category National Library Board Honorable Mention
Alldon G T P5

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MOE Gifted Education Programme https://www.moe.gov.sg/education/programmes/gifted-education-programme