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Gifted Education Programme (GEP) in Rosyth School

Gifted Education (GE) Department

GEP HOD (Humanities)
- Mrs Helen Tan

GEP HOD (Mathematics & Science)
- Mr Michael Kao


A Love For Learning and Learning to Love

Desired Outcomes


Students are engaged individually and in small groups, or as a class, challenged by knowledge, concepts and skills in the various disciplines, as well as through interdisciplinary approaches.

Every child is different. He has strengths or talents. He is helped and guided, and recognised and acknowledged as an individual. The challenge is in creating a greater love and thirst for knowledge and skills and this motivation will help each one succeed in life.

Students learn in a community, in an extended family called the Rosythian family. They learn to accept themselves, and others in class, and learn to work and live harmoniously with others in the school. They are also exposed to other communities outside the school in the hope that they would learn to sympathise or even empathise with others.

Key Programmes of GEP


  1. VALUES IN ACTION (for Primary 4 - Primary 5)
  3. GIFT - GUIDED INSTRUCTION FOR THINKING (for Primary 4 - Primary 5 students)
  4. EDUCATION CAREER GUIDANCE (for Primary 6 students)



Reported by Amelia Tang. PUBLISHED in The Sunday Times 11 Aug 2019

Mixed Form Classes in Rosyth School allows for gifted pupils and their schoolmates to mix daily.

Since last year, Rosyth School has placed its Primary 4 GEP pupils in classes with mainstream pupils for all non-academic subjects such as Physical Education, Music and Art.  

The GEP pupils still attend academic lessons separately. 

Madam Loh Wee Cheng, director of the Gifted Education Branch at the Education Ministry's Curriculum Planning and Development Division, said it will work with the rest of the primary schools with GEP to help them adopt mixed classes. 

Madam Elis Tan, principal of Rosyth School, said a common form class identity and experience will build stronger bonds among the GEP and mainstream pupils. 

Three primary schools - Rosyth, Nanyang and Nan Hua - have introduced form classes with a mix of gifted and non-gifted pupils this year. 

Since last year, the pupils have also been taking part in school-based activities as a form class, such as cohort camps and outdoor adventure programmes, on top of lessons. About 15 per cent of the school's cohort are GEP pupils, and they make up about 40 per cent of a mixed form class.  

Housewife Ho Yan Wing, 40, whose son is in Primary 5 in the GEP at Rosyth School, said: "Kids should learn about diversity from a young age instead of being cocooned in an environment. This helps them to respect others and recognise other strengths." 

Clinic manager Priscilla Yeow, 43, whose son, now in Secondary 1, was from the GEP at Rosyth School, said: "Previously in a purely GEP class, my son would interact mostly with his classmates. Some former classmates, before he got into GEP, would shy away from him and had labels like 'nerds' or weird for GEP kids." 

Her daughter, a mainstream pupil in Primary 5, used to think GEP children were "boring", until she made friends with one of her classmates who takes the same school bus."

They realised they both like dragons and the same book series. In the morning, they would play catching with each other," she said. 

Primary 5 GEP pupil Harish Ram Baghavath, 11, said he has common interests with his classmates at Rosyth School. "We like card games, video games and storybooks, so we talk about them a lot." 

His schoolmate Josiah Chia, 10, who is not from the GEP, said he hangs out with a group of friends every day during recess. Some of them are from the GEP and some are not.

"Some of my friends thought the GEP pupils would be very smart and beat them in all subjects," he said. "Actually there's nothing to be scared of. They're learning slightly different things, but we can help one another in different ways." 

International Torrance Legacy Creative Writing Awards


International Torrance Legacy Creativity Awards 2019 (second place winner)
Written by Kaydon Arianne Tan
The Princess and the Pearl

          Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there lived a princess called Alyssa. She wore gorgeous gowns, savoured delectable dishes, and was surrounded by an army of servants.

          But she was dreadfully unhappy.

          To understand why, we have to embark on a little history relating to the princess. Alyssa is the granddaughter of the princess in the tale “The Princess and the Pea”, whose claim to fame was her ability to become bruised after sleeping on a pile of mattresses, with a pea at the bottom. This led to her being pronounced a true princess and becoming married to the prince.

          Henceforth, all princesses and aspiring princesses were lavished with the best skin care, to make their complexion as delicate as a baby’s. They were not allowed to go out in the sun; they were not allowed to take part in sports; they were not allowed to engage in any activity that could potentially mar their skin.

          This was the reason for Alyssa’s unhappiness – she felt suffocated by all these restrictions!

          It was not surprising that many of her friends who were raised in this manner became simpering bimbos who only cared about their physical appearances. 

          Alyssa did not believe that princesses should be so protected and pampered. She wanted to see the world for herself. However, no matter how she argued with her parents, they stood firm.

          One day, Alyssa was returning from school when her carriage came to a sudden halt.

          “A small, round object has been found on the road, Your Highness. It looks like a pea but it’s white, not green,” reported her footman as he deposited the object in her outstretched hands.

          “How can a pea be white?” she wondered. 

          To her amazement, the white object started talking. “I am a pearl, not a pea, you ignoramus! How could you even compare me with that lowly creature?”

          Alyssa was puzzled. “What is a pearl? And how could you speak of a pea so disrespectfully? It is highly revered throughout the kingdom!”

          “That’s because your kingdom has been bewitched by the Pea!” retorted the Pearl. “You must be the granddaughter of that princess who slept on the Pea. There is more to that story than meets the eye. Let me tell you what actually happened…”

Fascinated, Alyssa listened intently as the Pearl began its tale.

          “On that fateful night when your grandmother first came to the castle, the old queen – your great-grandmother – wanted to find out whether she was a real princess. The queen summoned the Pea and me, and asked us for ideas. I suggested that the queen pose the princess a question: to name the most important attribute that a monarch should have.”

          “What is the answer?” Alyssa interjected.

          “Why, wisdom, of course!” proclaimed the Pearl. “My family hails from an eminent line of pearls that have served as royal advisors to generations of kings. We are better known as the Pearls of Wisdom,” added the Pearl as it started to glow with pride. 

          “On the other hand, the Pea came up with the ridiculous idea to let your grandmother lie on a pile of mattresses. The queen was foolish enough to side with the Pea, and we all know what happened afterwards,” sighed the Pearl.

          “Sickened by this, I exiled myself from the castle in protest and have been roaming the streets. I’ve had many perilous encounters like today’s when I came within inches of being run over by your carriage! But I’ve also learnt a lot about life, and seen much more than if I’d stayed cloistered in the castle.”

          The Pearl recounted one enthralling episode after another. As she listened, it dawned on Alyssa that the Pearl was indeed wise. Instead of bewailing its fate, the Pearl turned his circumstances into an edifying journey.

          Soon, Alyssa and the Pearl became great friends. She spent hours listening to the Pearl’s tales, reliving its experiences, and absorbing what the Pearl had learnt about the real world beyond the castle. This made her life more bearable.

          One year later, there was a great commotion in the castle. A messenger had arrived from the neighbouring kingdom, announcing that his prince was in search of a wife. All princesses and noble young ladies were invited to a contest to determine who would be most worthy.

          This kingdom was the largest and richest of all the lands, and the prince himself renowned for being handsome and accomplished. Like all the other girls, Alyssa soon found herself journeying to this foreign land. Unlike the other girls, she was not dreaming about meeting the prince, but looking forward to new sights and sounds.

          On the day of the contest, the air hummed with excitement. Young ladies decked out in their best finery jostled to impress the prince. He stood regally on the stage, and called everyone to attention.

          “Welcome, ladies, the competition is about to begin. This is how I will choose my bride. I have a stack of mattresses here. You may use them in any way you wish to convince me that you deserve to be the future queen of this kingdom.”

          With that, the first lady in the queue stepped forward. She held out a pea and placed it on the ground. Then, she asked the guards to pile twenty mattresses on top of the pea. She proceeded to climb onto the mattresses and lay down. Five minutes later, she showed smugly that a bruise was forming on her back. Holding her head high, she sauntered off the stage.

          Another lady came forward and said calmly, “I can do better. Please place one more mattress on that pile.”

          With that, she climbed onto the mattresses and lay down. Five minutes later, she showed off her bruise and said, “I have beaten the previous contestant, as there is one more mattress in the pile. This shows that I am even more delicate and even more deserving of being a princess.”

          One by one, the ladies in the queue proceeded in similar fashion. Some proudly revealed their bruises, while those who did not display bruises hung their heads in shame and scurried away in tears.

          Finally, it was Alyssa’s turn. She was so bored by this spectacle that she had been tempted to escape. Nevertheless, the thought that her parents had pinned their hopes on her to secure an alliance with this powerful kingdom stayed her.

          When she stepped gracefully onto the stage, the prince, who was immensely bored by this time, expected her to make the same request as the other contestants. Instead, eyeing the massive pile of mattresses, she asked him, “Can I do something different with those mattresses?”

          “Certainly. Please proceed,” replied the prince, intrigued.

          Alyssa said, “When I was travelling here, I passed through a village that was recently ravaged by a wildfire. The villagers had lost their belongings and were sleeping on the bare ground. If we could deliver these mattresses to the village, it would be a great comfort to them.”

          Looking at her with admiration, the prince declared, “Such wisdom in one so young! You have showed us the true worth of a real princess. I shall be honoured if you’re willing to be my wife.”

          With a smile, she took his hand and nodded her head demurely. Little did he know that in her other hand, she clutched reverently to her Pearl of Wisdom.

Together, they ruled wisely and lived happily ever after.



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