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School Crest

Rosyth School Crest

By Mr Loh Khee Yew (Creator of the School Crest)

The original version of the badge was an etched metal, measuring W2cm xL2.5cm x D1mm. The elements comprise a candle, stripes, white and blue colours and the school motto ‘Ready to Serve’. When I was asked to design the Rosyth school badge, the first icon that came into my mind was the candle. Chinese scholars and clergymen of medieval times depended on the candlelight for the long hours of learned reading and writing, as electricity was not invented then. 

Knowledge has long been documented in the form of pictograms, symbols and written words. Whilst the mode of reading may differ from one ethnic culture to another, The horizontal line formation has been the general accepted norm. The stripes represent the written page. The shield format is associated with one arming himself/herself with knowledge.

The motto aims to inculcate amongst the students a sense of civic consciousness and be ‘Ready to Serve’ the country, community and family whom he/she belongs.

(Loh Khee Yew was a pioneer staff member 1956 – 1963)