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Principal's Message

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Welcome to Rosyth School where students and staff 
'Learn with Passion, Serve with Compassion and Lead with Vision'

Rosyth School’s vision espouses a community of life-long learners who are motivated and competent to learn. As compassionate and active citizens, Rosythians aspire to use their knowledge, skills and talents to care and serve for the betterment of others and the community.  We envision Rosythians to grow up as leaders in their own lives as they take on different leadership roles in their development, set goals to pursue their dreams and value the talents within themselves, thereby blossoming into confident and fulfilled individual.

Pursuing this vision is an innovative mind-set that the school and staff embrace. We continuously seek new ways to improve our teaching and learning programmes in the Rosyth experiences to develop our students holistically. These are underpinned by the unifying Rosyth’s I-CARE values of Integrity, Care, grAtitude, Respect and Resilience, and Entrepreneurial Spirit.

In the 21st century, globalisation and advancement in technology will affect nearly every aspect of our lives. The way we work, learn and live is getting more dynamic and involves rapid changes. In Rosyth, information communication technology (ICT) is a key engine to innovate our teaching and learning to better engage and prepare our students for the future. Our students can look forward to expressing their creativity in the Manga digital art programme and engaging in self-directed and collaborative learning through ICT enhanced flipped lessons. Importantly, we want our students to grow up as responsible and ethical users in the digital age through our Rosyth’s active cyberwellness ambassador programme where they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate in the dynamic world. 

In Rosyth, we endeavour to engage students in deep learning experiences where students learn to apply their knowledge and skills in authentic contexts as they discover their interest and passion. For example, Rosythians use their Science knowledge and process skills to conserve and enhance the school and community environment through innovative green programmes. The school’s Applied Learning Programme in Lego Technology also integrates both Science and Mathematics learning to develop innovative thinking skills in students. In addition, Rosyth School develops in our students a strong sense of appreciation for the performing arts through their primary years in the school.

Rosyth School has a rich history of 64 years and has held to its commitment and dedication to add value to the cohorts of Rosythians in their learning, personal growth and well-being.  In 2016, we celebrated the school 60th Anniversary (RS60) where saw many Rosythians, parents, school staff and stakeholders across the decades come together to celebrate with the theme ‘Appreciate, Affirm, Aspire’. We are very appreciative for the expertise and resources that our key stakeholders have generously contributed to enrich our students’ learning experiences and growth. In particular, our Parents Support Group’s dynamism and active involvement in school programmes is a signature in Rosyth School. The many school-child-parent programmes by the PSG have strengthened the synergy and positive outcomes for our students. 

Moving forward, Rosyth School will continue to aspire for greater height of growth and learning in our students as they serve and contribute to the community to live out the school motto “Ready to Serve”.

Mdm Elis Tan Lee Ching