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SYF Judging 2014

Concert Band – Distinction

Choir – Accomplishment

Chinese Dance – Accomplishment

Malay Dance – Accomplishment

Indian Dance – Distinction

International Dance – Accomplishment

Chinese Orchestra – Distinction

Track & Field

55th National Inter-Primary Schools Track & Field Championships 2014

‘C’ Boys Long Jump – 2nd

‘D’ Girls Long Jump – 4th

‘C’ Girls Long Jump – 5th

‘C’ Girls 600m – 8th

‘B’ Boys 200m – 8th


North Zone Inter-Primary Schools Badminton Championship 2014

Junior Girls – 1st

Junior Boys – 4th

Senior Girls – 1st

Senior Boys – 3rd


National Primary Schools Badminton Championship 2014

Junior Girls – Top 8

Junior Boys – Top 16

Senior Girls – 2nd runner-up

Senior Boys – Top 8


National Primary Schools Tennis Championship 2014

Senior Boys – 3rd


National Inter-Primary Schools Taekwondo Championship 2014

Senior Boys Division (Male Poom Belt)

Gold (Over 66 kg)

Silver (under 58 kg) 2 q2

Junior Boys Division (Male Poom Belt)

Silver (Under 48 kg)

Bronze (Under 48 kg)


10th National Wushu Championship 2014

Senior Boys

Overall 3rd

1st – 4-Duan Cudgel, Spear

3rd – Broadsword, Changquan, 4-Duan Sword, 5-Duan Changquan,

4th – 5-Duan Changquan, Cudgel

Junior Boys

3rd -  3-Duan Spear

Senior Girls

2nd – 4-Duan Sword

4th – 4-Duan Spear

Junior Girls

Overall 3rd

1st – 3-Duan Cudgel, 4-Duan Cudgel, 3-Duan Broadsword

2nd – 4-Duan Cudgel, 3-Duan Changquan

3rd – Chanquan, Spear, 4-Duan Broadsword, 3-Duan Cudgel

4th – 4-Duan Sword, 3-Duan Sword, 3-Duan Spear, 24-Style Taijiquan


8th National Robopreneur Carnival 2014

Research Journal Award (Primary) – 2nd

World Robo Tournament 2014

Bullz Eye event – Merit Award

Debate Club

Wits and Words Inter-school Debate Championship 2014


RI Primary Debate Invitational 2014


Green Innovators @ Rosyth

Project Fun Bin Singapore 2014

A Green trophy for sending in more than 100 entries and 4 individual winners


Panasonic-NEA Eco-ideas Challenge 2014

Participatory Certificate

ONE Award 2014

Participatory Certificate

Infocomm Club

Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador Program

Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador Recognition (STAR) Award – Disctinction (Top 3)

PUB Water Conservation Animation Competition 2014

Special Prize Commendation Award

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (UNSW Global)

10 High Distinctions, 14 Distinctions

National Primary Games Creation Competition (NPGCC)

Grand Finalist

National Infocomm Security Competition (Lower Primary, 3D Model)

Champion, Most Popular Award


Wide Game Challenge 2014

Chess Club

66th National Schools Individual Chess Championships 2014

Senior Girls

1 Merit medal

Senior Boys

1 Merit medal

Junior Boys

1 Silver medal

1 Merit Top 20

Manga Art

2013 Animania Competition

Primary School Category

1st, 2nd and 3rd

(held in 2013 but results came out only in 2014)