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Primary 5 (2017)

Primary 5

- Mrs Liz Asri  


Class Form Teacher Email
P5 AFF FADILAH BTE SAID (FT)fadillah_said@moe.edu.sg
 CHEW KAH HOE KARL (Co) chew_kah_hoe_karl@moe.edu.sg 
P5 APP LEE HWEE HOON JULIA (FT)lee_hwee_hoon_julia@moe.edu.sg
 SHARIFAH AMIRAH BTE SYED HAMID (Co)sharifah_amirah_syed_hamid@moe.edu.sg 
P5 DEX NORLELA BTE MEN (FT)norlela_men@moe.edu.sg
 WONG MUI LAN (Co) wong_mui_lan@moe.edu.sg
P5 EMP LEE CHEE MUN VINCENT (FT)lee_chee_mun@moe.edu.sg
 NG YANG HANng_yang_han@moe.edu.sg
P5 EXC LIM YIN KHUAN AGNES (FT)lim_yin_khuan@moe.edu.sg
  TIEW TENG NOI (Co)kuek_teng_noi@moe.edu.sg 
P5 INN   AISHAH BINTE ARIS (FT)aishah_aris@moe.edu.sg
 JOSHUA WONG YOU YI (Co) wong_you_yi@moe.edu.sg 
P5 MAG LIM ENG WAH SHANNEN (FT)lim_eng_wah@moe.edu.sg
 JOSLYN HUANG JIN LING (Co) joslyn_huang_jinling@moe.edu.sg 
P5 REL GOH DONG HONG PAMELA (FT)pamela_goh_dong_hong@moe.edu.sg
 MOHD ROSHAN BIN MOHD SAH (Co) mohamad_roshan_mohd_sah@moe.edu.sg 
P5 RESI GOH YONG YONG (FT)goh_yong_yong@moe.edu.sg
 KANG LI MIN (Co) kang_li_min@moe.edu.sg 
P5 TRU   LIZ ALFREDA SELAMAT (FT)liz_alfreda_selamat@moe.edu.sg
 KWEK LI KOON (Co) kwek_li_koon@moe.edu.sg 
P5 VIC   GOH TIANG AI DEBBIE (FT)goh_tiang_ai@moe.edu.sg                                      
 TONG SOOK HWA (Co) goh_sook_hwa@moe.edu.sg 



team building programme

To develop good working relationships, encourage leadership and critical thinking and infuse values such as care for one another and resilience among the students, the school organises a team building programme for the P5 level. The skills learned from the programme will enhance character development. During the fun and challenging team building activities, the students have the chance to communicate with each other and work towards a common goal. By practising being an effective team member and team leader, students develop confidence in their own abilities and also demonstrate values.

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