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Primary 1 (2018)

Primary 1

- Stephanie Tan Wan Joo 


Class Form Teacher Email
P1 AFF YEO KHENG HUA ELAINE (FT) yeo_kheng_hua_elaine@moe.edu.sg
 LIM YILING EILEEN (Co)lim_yiling_eileen@moe.edu.sg
P1 APP JOSEPHINE SEE HWEE MENG (FT) josephine_see_hwee_meng@moe.edu.sg
 MARDIANA MOHD SHARIP (Co)mardiana_mohd_sharip@moe.edu.sg
P1 DEX NUR LIYANA SAINE (FT) nur_liyana_saine@moe.edu.sg
 SHARIFAH AMIRAH SYED HAMID (Co)sharifah_amirah_syed_hamid@moe.edu.sg
P1 EMP SURIANI MOHAMAD (FT) suriani_mohamad@moe.edu.sg
 TERENCE TEOU PEAK HUP (Co) teou_peak_hup@moe.edu.sg
P1 INN CHEN JING' ER (FT) chen_jing_er@moe.edu.sg
 STEPHANIE TAN WAN JOO (Co)tan_wan_joo@moe.edu.sg
P1 MAG  NURJIHAN MOHAMMED NOOR (FT) nurjihan_mohammed_noor@moe.edu.sg
 ELIDA WAHYUNINGSIH (Co) elida_wahyuningsih_wongsosuhendro@moe.edu.sg
P1 OBS JIAN YING KELLY TONG (FT) jian_ying_kelly@moe.edu.sg
 LIM YIN XIN (ELSIE) (Co)lim_yin_xin@moe.edu.sg
P1 REL SIM HUI LING JACINTHA (FT) sim_hui_ling_jacintha@moe.edu.sg
 OH EK WAH (Co) oh_ek_wah_a@moe.edu.sg
P1 THO LEONG MOK KAM (FT) leong_mok_kam@moe.edu.sg
 LI NA (Co)li_na@moe.edu.sg
P1 TRU  YEO BAK KENG JOYCE (FT) yeo_bak_keng_joyce@moe.edu.sg
 KUAN NAI-LIN (Co)kuan_nai-lin@moe.edu.sg

News and announcements


Learning Journeys for Primary 1

EL Pre-Writing Activities

With the pre-writing activities, there is a shared experience that is linked to the Big Book that has been read during Shared Reading. The shared experience provides the context and content for the children to think and talk about, using the target language structures and vocabulary they have been exposed to in SBA.           

With the help of the teacher who transcribes the children's input, the pupils come up with a piece of class writing. This becomes the basis for group writing, when the children work in small groups, before they go on to individual writing.           

The whole process is scaffolded for success and pupils also learn about cooperative learning as they work together in mixed-ability groups.   

Unit 1: The Farm Concert        
  • Our Lego Farm
Unit 1 Compiled.jpg

Unit 2: Mrs Wishy-Washy
  • Our Acting Experience
Unit 2 Compiled.jpg

Unit 3: Dan The Flying Man 
  • Dan’s Hat 
  • Our Paper Aeroplane Flying Competition
Unit 3- 1 Compiled.jpg

Unit 3- 2 Compiled.jpg

Unit 4: Walking Through The Jungle
  • Amazing Science Programme
  • How To Make An Animal Paper Puppet
Unit 4 - Compiled.jpg

Unit 5: The Hungry Giant 
  • Learning Journey to PastaMania 
  • How To Make A Sandwich
Unit 5.jpg

Unit 6: The Giant’s Ice Cream 
  • How To Make An Ice-Cream Sundae
Unit 6.jpg

Amazing Science Programme (P1&P6)

Topic: Life Cycle of Plants (Introductory)           
  • Tie in with P1 English Big Books, Walking Through the Jungle. 
  • Objectives: 
    1. To expose the P1 pupils to Science and heighten their interest and curiosity to the world of Science. Through this collaboration, P1 pupils will learn about the life cycle of plants and to care for the environment by not picking leaves from trees or plants.    
    2. To integrate English lesson by getting students to write an instructional text on how to plant green beans.     
  • The P6 classes facilitate the lesson for the P1 pupils and talk about caring for the environment by not picking leaves from trees or plants. At the same time, they will share about Care & Share, Respect & Responsibility. 

Moo-O (EL)

Moo-O is the world's first immersive digital storybook. It transforms readers instantly into story characters, creating a whole new experience for Reading Aloud. Moo-O highly engages and motivates children to read fluently and expressively.

Moo O Compiled.jpg

  • The software is a reading and recording tool designed to hone pupils’ reading fluency through digital stories. 
  • It provides opportunities for pupils to collaborate with one another as they take on different characters in the stories.

ICT Chinese Baseline (CL)

  • To equip pupils with touch-typing skills and the keying in of Chinese characters using hanyu pinyin 
  • Familiarise pupils with the Learning Management System (LMS) for e-learning 
  • Equip pupils with basic knowledge of Cyber Wellness so that they may use technology appropriately and protect themselves

Learning Journey to Pastamania (EL)

PAstamania Compiled.jpg

  • To provide pupils with a hands-on experience of making pizzas in an authentic setting. 
  • The pupils can then make a references to their experiences in their writing. This activity ties in with the Big Book "The Hungry Giant" and one of the English syllabus themes on 'Food'. Besides making pizzas, pupils also watch a presentation about pasta and pizza, and learn about the different kitchen equipment and their uses. 

Learning Journey to Singapore Zoological Gardens (EL, MA&MT)

Zoo compiled.jpg

  • A Learning Journey designed with guided activities to provide opportunities for our pupils to understand more about animals at work and at play. 
  • Pupils work in groups and engage in activities that involve information gathering and collaboration skills.
School Compound Cleaning Activity (VIA)

  • Increase pupils’ awareness on the littering problem within the school compound. 
  • Recognise that it is their responsibility to keep the school compound clean.

MT Fortnight (MT)

  • To create an immersive environment for the learning of Mother Tongue Language. 
  • To provide platforms for pupils to learn Mother Tongue Language and the associated culture.

PCTC (Parent-Child-Teacher Conferencing)


  • Parent-Child-Teacher Conferencing (PCTC) is a session for teachers to update parents on their children's development and learning progress. 
  • During the PCTC, parents have the opportunity to watch their children do a presentation and listen to them sharing on their development in school, 


  • Chinese New Year

  • Earth Day
Earth Day.jpg

  • Racial Harmony Day
Racial Harmony.jpg

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